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No Smoking Day
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well iv been awake for an hour now on my third day. I have thought about smoking, but not about WANTING to smoke :) Haven't touched my inhalator since last night and haven't changed the cartridge since Tuesday :cool:

Slept like a baby last night.. got almost 8 hours which is alot for me specially when I am out here working..err i say working but right now we are on standby so i should be out on the sun chair!

When i lived in the UK i spent my first year in Blackburn England and then Two years north of Aberdeen Scotland :) . Blackburn Area i would vote as some of the nicest most genuine people i have ever met! North of Aberdeen Area (weather permitting) I vote as some of the most stunning scenery and landscapes!

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Congrats hun, you seem to know where your going on this quit so keep it up:D

Your positivity will help others:cool:


thank you

Thank you Sian!

Last night i booked a ski trip with my non-smoking (and incredible skier) brother and two of my other best friends. We leave Jan 4th and it will be a hardcore ski experience! Needless to say I am very excited to go into this with lungs that will not have smoked for over a month!!!!:D



well done on reaching day 3


your sounding so positive keep that positive mood and you will sail through your quit

glad your sleeping well

onwards and upwards





THANKs. I feel privledged to have a penthouse member on my team! but like others have said we are all in this together.

One thing i keep forgetting to mention is that, yesterday i still had a pack of smokes and lighter in my bag that i take from my cabin to my office. Anywho after reading your support messages yesterday am i took it and did a running overhand throw into the sea with the smokes and lighter and it felt GREAT :D!

(sorry for littering, but if i had thrown them in the bin it would end up in the same place)


I did that on day 5 ( ok not into the sea ) but lit my wood fire and burnt the buggers, I tell u what it made my quit this time more positive, as tho my mind went S@#T she means it this time :D


I'm absolutely over the moon for you Chuuurles

Your positivity is fantastic.

I still think about it a lot 6 weeks in but like you I don't want to smoke, I just can't get it out of my head yet....it will come though I'm sure :)

Well done with your inhaler too.

They do say that we are supposed to change the cartridge every 24 hours, regardless of whether it has been used or not!!....mind you they would say that wouldn't they?.....they want to sell more!! :rolleyes:

Bet you can't wait for your ski trip?

Well done so far and keep on rolling




As I got further on in my quit I didn't change the cartridge at all. If they were smart they would make cartridges without nicotine.



Una that is my loose plan.. to just leave the old cartridge in forever.. but we shall see what the coming days bring!

Greg what are you drinking? Cannot wait to ski! how is the cycling going? You guys have many heros to look up to all of the sudden in cycling! Wigo, Cavendish,Froome ect! :cool:


Well done. You seem so happy and excited its great. Keep popsting


Chuuurles ..... what am I drinking?

Anything I can get my hands on! haha!

Yes it has been a flippin brilliant year for GB Cycling!

I can't wait for next season to start, Froome is leading the team for 2013 Tour de France .... hopefully he will have recovered from this year as I think he was cooked! :eek:

Cav is my hero to be honest, OK he hasn't won a medal and will never win a tour but I love how he speaks his mind!! Loses the head at the drop of a hat and doesn't suffer fools gladly!

Love it! :D


Marks 2nd last stage during this years tour was ........INCREDIBLE!:D


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