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No Smoking Day
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Oh dear not allowed Zyban or Chapiix

Went to see the doctor today about giving up smoking, i was really hoping that she would give me Zyban or Champix as ive heard they are really good, but she said NO I couldn't have them, as they can cause depersion and I suffer very badly from depresion.

So she has given me the strongest patches I can get and I have to take them for a month and then graduly come down in doses I think, Im not sure they will work as last time i tried patches I smoked as well as wore the patches:(

She has also given me the number of a local suport group wich i will ring and arrange a time to go and see them and hopefully get some added help.

I will need all the help I can get s please feel free to message me.

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Hi Naomi

Dont be to dissapointed if you really want to quit its not all that hard really. Pick a day use the patches if you feel you cant go Cold turkey. Just take it a day at a time min or hour at a time if thats what it take at the start. The first week is the worse you will have great support here. its not half as bad as some people say its not painfull or anything like that and we all know what your going through. Good luck anyway hope you stick around. Linda xxxxx


naomi well come ,what ever does it for you ,,,,just go for it..most of us on here went c/t,,because we tryed all meahods,,zyban chapiix,etc etc..also we learned from our last quit why we failed,and took it from there ,,day one is the first day, for the rest of your life smoke free,,you can do it ,,,at the end of the day ,its no big deal..it will get a lot easier,,i promise you it will..so you just keep the faith tony


Hi Naomi

Welcome to the forum, great news that you have decided to quit.

The NRT you have will take the edge off your cravings but all the hard work will come from within . The doctors cant just hand you out a miracle cure to stop you smoking , you will be the miracle worker ...not champix..not Zyban ...not lozenges ....YOU . You will be the one who gives up smoking and you will be the one that takes all the benefits in doing so.

You can prepare for this in various ways , keeping in touch with a support group is a great idea ...good for advice and its good to be around other people going through the same.

Have you gave up smoking already?

if you have or havent then i would advice going through the online program at ffsonline.org ...alot of us on this site have been through it and it will help you understand why you smoke and inturn helps you enforce the reasons you dont want to smoke ...this info will help your quit .

Dont be scared of stopping ...there is no pyshical pain involved ...you can only gain from quitting ...there is no sacrifice !!

You've got to understand that there's only one reason you smoke: to feed your addiction to nicotine. you also have to understand that your addiction doesn't care if it kills you; all it cares about is getting its next fix.

Familiarise yuorself with the sites linked in my signature - you will find great articles and information on these sites ...there is also inspiring tales of people in the same boats as ourselves.

Stay close to this forum ....there are great people here willing to offer you support or advice ..which ever you may need. It would be nice if you could keep us posted on your progress.

Good luck with it :) you can do it!!


Hello and welcome!

Quitting smoking is a mind game more than anything else.

Remember that smoking is just nicotine addiction and in the 1st week it may prove a bit of an endurance but the cravings are not life threatening where as smoking is!

You can do it!!

Stopping is nothing without knowing how to stay stopped and that is to free yourself from the desire to smoke. The best way to do that is to see quitting as a positive gaining thing (health wealth freedom etc) rather than sacrificing some great pleasure.

Have a look thought the links in my sig for inspiration and information!!




If you suffer from depression, the doc is right.

Why don't you see how you go without the patches to start with? it's not going to hurt anything.

As the others have stated, quitting is mostly in the mind and if you take the time to read everything you can find it will be much easier for you.

Understanding is the key, understand your addiction and it suddenly becomes easy... honestly.

We will all be here with advice and a pat on the back for you whatever you decide to do.


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