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No Smoking Day
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I feel like crap

Okay, so I feel like crap. I've just started my 6th week, have had a month on full-strength patches and a week on weaker ones. I haven't really craved at all (compared to when I tried to quit cold turkey a couple of times which was unbearable) but have had lots of moments when I felt like a fag but couldn't have one. And now I feel terrible. I feel bloated and fed up. I don't think I've put on any weight (I'm too scared to get on the scales) but my body feels like it's saving every single thing I put in it. I feel really depressed. I know that if I had a fag now it would be horrible and not make me feel like I want to but I feel so out of sorts it's terrible. I can't concentrate at work and I feel completely depressed every evening. I've never had bleeding gums before and have never taken laxatives before. I can't sleep. I feel listless. Does this all go away eventually because I am not going to smoke again, I just don't want to feel like this for the rest of my life.

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'You may feel like crap' this article has done the rounds - have a read, you are not alone.

Its my 6 month anniversary today and I've had runny nose, sneezes and a general crap feeling for most of it, however I realise that I've done some serious damage to my body by smoking for so long, therefore to undo this is going to take time (if indeed it can be undone). My head is OK with quitting, I just wish my body would catch up and 'get with the program'!!!

You would probably feel more crap if you had continued to smoke!!!


Me too

I'm on day 46, I also feel like crap today, I've just gone onto the lower strength patches and maybe your body readjusts again to the lower dose. I'm glad you feel the same as I really can't describe how awful I feel today, I too would have smoked except like you it would not give me the feeling that I think it would or should. Plain and simple it's addiction and not easy, my problem is that in a month the smoking nazi at the clinic won't give me more patches so it's CT from there on in unless I cut the patches for the last week in half then I get two weeks at five mg's, I also have a shed load of inhalators left that I haven't used for the last two weeks.

I truly hope it passes as I can't go on feeling like this. The only thing is we're within smelling distance of month three so that's a bonus, small steps little victories, keep smiling or just chuck a sickie and stay in bed. :o



Dave, 6 months and still feeling bad?? uh-oh, that means I have a long way to go....huh.... (but really really well done to you!) Jonboy, hope the patch reduction doesn't cause too much stress, I'm only doing 3 more weeks on them (1 more on 14 then 2 on 7 then cold turkey) - I also have a smoking Nazi, well a receptionist Nazi anyway, and I keep getting images of sticking knitting needles up her nose, not good, not good at all.....:)


Hey Poppyseed

I hope you start to feel better soon! maybe it is your body getting used to the new patches?

Its funny cause I think my mood has been fine but no-one else does!!



I think perhaps you are getting yourselves a bit wound up with the thought of reducing the strength of your patches. If you convince yourselves is going to be hard it probably will be.

Just keep calm and tell youself you will not notice any difference and you wont.

Basically what I am saying is get the mind right.

Poppy and Jonboy, your both long term quitters you will have no problem


Hi guys,

I agree with Aitch re the reduction in strength - I dropped mine to 5mg early and was in a bad mood but think that was unrelated (ie annoying OH) - it's fine now though and I even forget to put the damn thing on some mornings and wonder if I should really bother. It's so tiny that I'll probably stick with it, at least until the moon is correctly placed ;)



Well done Poppyseed and Jonboy sorry your feeling depressed i know how that feels. But youve got to day 46 which is a big achievement. But remember having one fag will not change how you feel keep strong and dont let mr nicodemon get to you. You can do this keep reading posts and dont let your guard down. Best of luck. Jacqui. Quit date: .10.2.12.


keep going you have done so well :)


Hey Poppyseed i felt exactly the same and thought i'd feel like that forever. it was like driving with the brakes on and everything is the same colour. I couldnt find an explanation for it but i discovered that ther are diffent things that happen to different people when they quit this just happens to be yours, it was mine for awhile but i left it behind it kind of just wasnt there one morning. trust me it doesnt last it could be the nicotine addiction trying to trick you...

come to me ,

you feel like pooh

come to me

for one or twoooooo.

bide your time, do nice things ,treat yourself it will pass.


ps i dont want you to think it was mine and i somehow passed it to you. i just mean i had a similar experience.



Thanks, everyone, it really helps hearing what everyone has got to say! And no, mash, I didn't think for a minute that you passed it on to me, haha! :p Got myself a new red polka-dot swimming costume (not bikini, ha) and am going swimming tonight - should be interesting as I haven't swum in a pool for years and I'm sure I couldn't breathe last time :o


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