Feel just crap

Ever since iv bloody give up smoking all iv done us feel like crap.

Think iv had about 2 weeks of feeling good in 4 bloody month. It's like cum bloody on now just give me a break and let me enjoy the non smoking life.

I never bin the docs do much in me life I'm havi bloods test sum test on md heart cuz of the palpitation iv had since quitting. I seriously just feel like packing all this quitting in and getting my bloody life back. Suppost be going out the Cinama tonigh but yet again I feel I'll.. Heart palps to the max banging head tingling in me hand and feet.

I don't want smoke, I hardly even think about smoking but if theses test cum back negitive I'm seriously thinking about smoking again

Sorry for the rant but I just want my fun never ill spontaneous life back. I'm a shadow of my former self and I'm sick of it

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  • Hi shelley, I'm no doctor but I'm pretty sure that your ailments are not due to not smoking. If they are then you would be a medical first. I really do believe that its a trick that we feel we can't enjoy anything without cigs.

    Personally, I reckon you are just on a rougher than normal road and you must be near the end.

    Ask your doctor if he/she thinks you shouls start somoking again? I think we all know what his/ her answer would be.

    Stick with it. You are surely nearly there.

    Best of luck

  • I said too her I give up smoking for my Heath but iv suffers more since. She gave me a sympathetic smile

  • Not about enjoying things with out the fags.. I'm well past that now. Like I said I hardly even think about smoking. Iv just felt like dirt since quitting. I'm nearly on me 5th month now.. It's just madness :mad:

  • You know that if you smoke you won't feel better and the cigs won't cure you. Ask to see a different doctor maybe.

    Shelley, you are a rock on here.

    It can not be the quit making you ill.

  • You know that if you smoke you won't feel better and the cigs won't cure you. Ask to see a different doctor maybe.

    Shelley, you are a rock on here.

    It can not be the quit making you ill.

    I'm on me 4th doctor and 1 trip to the A&E. This is the only one that's sent me for test. Had bloods Tuesday got have ECG Tuesday.

  • Wait until you have all of the results before you think about chucking the towel in and having a cig shelley.

    Keep ranting on here ........

  • Tbh I don't think I Wud have a fag.. As I don't really crave for one. I'm just ranting as all this feeling like poo is since iv quit. Was great the first 2 weeks ppl were saying that's was he'll week.. Was brill week for me:D then had a very good full of energy week a few weeks ago. Then Sunday felt so I'll again it was back the docs Monday. With the same symptoms iv had wot feels like forever and a bit.

    If my bloods cum bk okay I Wounder wot the docs will say it is now. Iv had depression anxiety a virus. An inner ear virus. Vertigo. Sinus trouble. Iv had tablets sprays. All for the same problem. I'm a mystery it seems.

  • You mentioned in original post that you would consider smoking again if results come back negative. That's what I'm referring to. Don't do it if possible.

  • Poor poor poor Shelley. I really feel for you. I've no idea why you are feeling so awful and I really wish it would stop for you sooner rather than later. You can never know though Shelley whether you would have suddenly felt this pants even if you were still smoking. You have fought and struggled and been just incredibly admirable through all of this......I honestly wish I was a doctor at this point so I could get to the bottom of it for you. I KNOW you'll hang in there. I KNOW you will. Maybe it just, for no known reason, takes longer for some people to feel the benefits than others. I dont know, but I do hope you feel better soon.....and I send you lots of love and hugs. x

  • aaaah my mate! I thought you were through the worst!.... I know you wont start smoking again.. I know it! You have come too far. Thanks Magic for the support for Shelley it makes such a difference to know people really care. People really care about you Shelley we are all beside you dont give in! xxxx

    Sending hugs positive thoughts and love to you Shelley........... You have to be well for tommorow night xxxxx

  • Hey Shelly keep the faith! I don't know what's up and I'm not going to pretend I do, but I know one thing, you deserve better than you're getting! I thought you were doing better these days you posted the other day?

    Hopefully something will give soon enough and you'll turn the corner in terms of how you feel; smoking itself doesn't seem to be much of an issue from what you've put here.

    Right behind you running buddy, keep ranting if it helps ;)

  • Thanks guys I won't smoke.

    Don't even want to smoke but the way iv bin feeling just makes me go mad sumtimes.

    I was starting to feel well. But Sunday when rely bad again and iv bin like it since. So I'm getting annoyed with it now.

  • :(

    so sorry to hear your having probs again Shelly hopefully the results will show up why your suffering are they testing your thyroid aswell? as i know having probs with that can cause alot of health probs

    hope your soon feeling better in yourself

    Carol x

  • hope you start to feel better soon but just think if you start smoking again it could make things go from bad to worse so stay strong see what the test say good luck :):)

  • Hope you have a better day today, Shelly. I know you know enough to know that smoking won't help, but I do wish they could be faster with your blood work. Having to wait so long must be so frustrating for you. xx

  • All my bloods came back fine.

    Just got go for my ECG tomora wait for them results and see where I'm at.

  • I've got my fingers crossed that the ECG will come back fine for you. I think you will be grand. I know, like everyone else, that you won't smoke. Hope you start to feel better soon.

  • That's great news Shelley. Bet you're relieved x

    I am but it still don't answer any questions why I'm feeling this poo. My OH just thinks that it's still my body recovering from the fags and I should give it time

    Wherey mum thinks iv got a hormone imbalance she had it when she came into her 30. ( she went into early menopause when she was only 32) :( she said I'm having the same symptoms she had. And they go get worse at that time of the month. And that's the only time I miss smoking.

    Anyway today's bin not that bad feel like iv got energy. Even tho I nearly batters the patronising cow at the job centre ( still feel like going back for a fight with it now) think I will go for a little jog later

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