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No Smoking Day
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Nearly there but feel crap


So tomorrow i can move upto week 3. i wish i could say i was feeling fab, but i'm not. i mentioned to my hubby yesterday that i was feeling as bad now as i was after the first couple of days. my mouth feels furry, i feel a little unwell (bit hot, bit cold etc) feel really sleepy, and can't stop thinking that i can't do this, and i don't want to do this. don't want to feel crap, don't want to spend the rest of my life shouting at people, dogs, random things! if i just go back to smoking i will feel foul for a couple of day, and my family will be disapointed (they will get over it) but in the long run Happy Bev will come back and i really want her back. Sitting here at the computer after telling the kids to go away and locking the dog in the back garden. feeling that the only thing i can do is suck it up and keep going on an unhappy Bev, or give in and become a Happy Bev again. i feel i know what u r all going to say, but say it anyway at the moment i don't think i could feel any more worried.

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i am sorry your feeling so down.

i've got an idea for you, why dont you give up for at least 6 months, then if you still feel the same way then go back to smoking!?:D

it's wayyy to early to be feeling normal!

you have smoked for years and years babe, its not going to happen over night!

you've done so well so far, you know what will happen if you started again, you would want to pack up again-you would have to go through all this again!

this will be the best thing you've ever done in your life!

keep reminding yourself that each day!


jamie xxxxxxxx


Dear Bev

Tomorrow will be my third week too and I pretty much feel as you do -It would be nice to know how long it will last!

I keep thinking how bored I am getting being fed up and thinking of cigerettes - I keep thinking it would be so much easier to just start again - but thats just the addition talking....have you noticed how cigerettes smell even when you just pass someone outside on the street...they smell bad...I definately no longer want to follow people for some passive smoking...!

Why don't we say we will definatly give it another 2 weeks and then check in and see where we are then? Who knows, by then we may even be cured! :)


Can't promise

all i can say right now is i will not have a cig today, i don't think i could honestly say anymore, and i don't want to post something i don't truly believe in.

i am hoping and praying and everything else ing that by tomorrow i will not feel as bad, because tomorrow i am at home on my own and therefore will have nobody to stop me from going to the shop. OMG listen to me it sounds like i am already planning to smoke:mad:


if there are any more wise words out there i would welcome them all.



Keep going - Your doing SO well

Hi Bev,

The title says it all!

As you say, just take one day at a time, don't put more presuure on yourself by looking too far ahead. Concentrate on getting through the next hour, day, whatever is hard for you at the mo.

Have you looked at the site below? It was instrumental in making my resolve so solid along with the help on this forum.


There is so much to read on there, I spent my first 3 days of quitting at home with a cold so spent a lot of time on there & it really helped me ;)

Love & hugs Gaynor xx


Nearly 3 weeks wow thats great well done, don't give in now


Hi Bev :D

Almost 3 weeks is great well done sorry you still feel poorly but it will get better Promise just hang in there

Please just take it one day at a time I'm sure you really don't want to have to do this all over again one day

Very soon you'll start to feel better andit will be much easier for you, many of us on here have found that after 3 weeks it is much easier and they feel better as well

Do some more reading to help you just click on the links in our signatures there is so much out there to help you

Every morning when you wake up promise yourself what you did today

I WILL NOT SMOKE TODAY and every day you'll find it just a little easier to keep that promise


Marg xxxxxxxx


Sorry your feeling down. There are the terrible 3's that I'm sure you have read about. 3 days, 3 weeks, and 3 months. Well, not everyone hits it on those specific days, weeks, months. Maybe just a bit before or a bit after or not at all if your lucky! Just remember we all have bad times and then the good times come along. Without the bad days, we wouldn't recognize the good ones! You will feel better. Tell yourself that you will feel better and that you choose not to smoke. Mind over matter. It's all a mind game now, so tell yourself that this will pass. Tomorrow is a better day!


I'm with ya!

Hi Bev

Yep, I'm into day 2 of week 3 today and although yes I did the London to brighton and yes the endorphins are buzzing round me I still REALLY want a cigarette. I'd love one, I think I'd really enjoy it. And if someone said to me, OK yes, go have that one smoke then you won't want another one for months I would be off like a shot with the smoke between my lips.

But I know that's a fantasy. It ain't gonna happen. I'd have one, then a few hours later I'd say "just one more". Then i'd feel happy cos I only smoked 2 in a day. But tomorrow would come along ... and the craving would still be there, and the need to smoke would have increased ... and I'd have another one, then within a few weeks I'd be back to 20 a day and I'd have to let go of all the good things I want to have through quitting smoking.

I'd love a smoke, but the price for it is too high. So I won't smoke today. And I'll deal with tomorrow .... tomorrow.


I'd love a smoke, but the price for it is too high. So I won't smoke today. And I'll deal with tomorrow .... tomorrow.

This is a great sentence to write - thanks.

As addicts, especially in the first few weeks/months it is absolutely vital to re-affirm your conviction not to smoke every day.... even every hour if need be and only commit to what you know you can achieve.

You can then do the same next time if you want to.

I started by doing this every minute, then every hour, then every day - making a deliberate and conscious decision to not smoke for the next period of time.... at some point between 3 and 6 months it stopped occurring to me to consciously make the choice, it had become automatic.

The urges to smoke didn't stop, but the response to each urge - not to smoke - came easily and didn't require much effort.

Now, and more than 9 months clean I can't remember the last time I had to think to myself "no, I don't do that anymore".

I may always be an addict, but I have trained myself so that my automatic response is now not to smoke... it took a lot of time and a lot of effort...

But I promise you that it is so worth it.

Well done so far, keep doing what you're doing because it's working :D


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