No Smoking Day
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And so it just keeps on and on

Well, day 78 for me, and all good on the no smoking. First semester grades are in on the nursing program and I got 3 A's and 1 A-, so will take that :D

Had my second set of MRI's yesterday, regarding my arm numbness and pain and Horner's syndrome. The cervical spinal MRI has detected abnormalities. My ophthamologist (eye dr) just called and said it does not appear to be a mass, but as an eye doctor it is not her area of expertise, so I am off to see a neurologist now. Hopefully whatever the problem is is curable as I want a normally functioning arm back!

Well, fingers crossed it is nothing serious. I am on Spring break, the sun is shining, might take my son to the beach after work (we live 5 minutes from the shores of Lake Erie), and have a couple of beers, self-medication don't you know! Will be nice to enjoy the beach without desperately trying to light a cig against the breeze off the water!

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Hi Genes

Long time no see. Its lovely to see you on here. Congrats n your 78th day quit thats brilliant hun also well done on your grades they are just tremendous.

Sorry to hear your having troubles, hope they sort it out soon.

Take Care Hun xx


Genes! I've been wondering how you were doing. Congratulations on the grades, that's amazing, especially with all the health problems you've been having.

Hope that they sort out your problems soon.

And most of all, CONGRATULATIONS on a really strong quit!

Helen x


You clever thing :D well done

fingers crossed everything goes well at the hospital for you

sending virtual ((hugs))


Thanks everyone, we are just waiting to hear back on if there is a recommended neuro for my specific problems close by. As we have the Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals up the road, I suspect we will get a good doctor to sort through this! I am working at the Cleveland Clinic the rest of the semester as my clinical rotation, so may as well get treated there too!

All is good otherwise!

Nutty - great to see you, and congrats on an amazing quit! I am back at the beginning, but going strong. Last quit was fine until all the stress of moving back to the states etc!


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