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Day 7! And white teeth. Plus a question for you - who have you told/not told?

So loving just having this forum here to check in with - even if it's just lurking and reading others' posts in those tough moments.

So - day 7 on the gum. Didn't realise it was a whitening one - I though the ice mint referred to the taste! My teeth are so much whiter. Went to the dentist this morning for scheduled scale and polish and now they're extra gleaming. Another incentive not to go back to smoking and yellow stained teeth. Think I'll celebrate with a red lippie day tomorrow!

The only people who I've told I've quit (apart from you guys here!) are my DH and two co-workers who'd normally invite me out for a cig every couple of hours... I guess it's partly cos I have the fear of doing a big announcement and falling flat on my face by failing in my quit attempt, and partly cos as soon as I do tell everyone I'll feel boxed into my decision and want to rebel. Sheesh - that really doesn't make much sense.

My question is who have and haven't you told. When did you tell them? What did you say to former smoking buddies - particularly at work. I don't want to be seen as no longer part of the gang by them thinking I'm judging them...

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Well done on reaching day 7!!!

When I gave up I told people on a need to know basis. It makes sense to me not to make a big announcement out of it, though for some people it might motivate them even more to succeed.



I only told people close to me. Then would just tell others if they asked me.

Although to be fair, most of my mates havent noticed!! I guess if it's not a football match, or a free pint, then they arent going to pay too much attention anyway!! :D


firstly well done

i told my oh [we quit together] so had to tell him i suppose lol told my sister my best friend i didnt tell my mum and dad as i never smoked infront of them and stupidly assumed they didnt know [ i have since realised how bad i smelt and they would have known anyway] but still till this day havent told them because i feel ashamed i smoked in the first place secondly i tried to hide it from them

at work at the beginning i didnt make the announcement if someone asked if i was coming out for a fag i would than say no i quit and word soon got around the smokers and if anyone says to me now oh bet u still would love a fag i say no u lot stink i dont wanna smell again and its funny they have stopped ribbing me since i said this

only tell who u want to tell dont put yourself under to much pressure



I told everyone as I think unconsciously I wanted to put the pressure on myself, I realise this now, 10 weeks on. One of my biggest motivators is (right or not) not looking stupid/being a mug/pitied. As a smoker I felt ashamed for being an addict.Telling people I had given up kept me stronger.I have given up a few times so some friends and family still don't believe I will never smoke again.When I fancy a cigarette I imagine how humiliating it would be to have to admit I'd started again to everyone. Shallow but true.....

I love being free and I love how surprised everyone is as the weeks go by!


Well done, i feel mt teeth are much cleaner since quiting...Strange things you realise when you quit

to begin with i told my mom(Smoker), Boyfriend, his parents(None smokers) Boss(Smoker) the on my 8th day i told everyone via facebook lol:D


Well done on quitting and having white sparkly teeth is fab :D

I told everyone i knew that i was quitting not to put pressure on myself but because of my inital reasons for quitting but after joining this forum and educating myself i carried on into staying quit for me

After all its easier to say your quitting its the staying quit forever that is initially harder

Posting on here and reading the posts of the newbies helps me to remember how bad it was

Because your mind plays tricks on you when it is trying to tempt you back into smoking and you forget how bad you felt and the side effects from the withdrawel of quitting

Onwards and upwards is the only way to go

Dont give up giving up


I love all these different answers. Funny how different things make different folk tick! Am sortof enjoying keeping mine a "secret" - like early pregnancy - nice knowing what others don't and seeing how quickly people catch on.



The only ones that know I have stopped are the people on here, my hubby and son havent even noticed, well teenagers only think of themselves, and hubby and I sometimes work opposite shifts so not really seen him much since tuesday (the last day that I smoked) though he will find out tonight when we go out and I tell him in no uncertain terms is he to light up in my car!! I suppose I will just tell everyone else as and when the situation arises, as for work, I am sure that none of them will notice Ive not been smoking lol :D


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