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Wow, Day 7, you came round quick

Hi all,

So today is my 7th day off the ciggies (well, at 5.30pm anyway)

Have to say, quite pleased with myself so far. Even had a couple of beers at the weekend and still avoided any temptation.

It seems that the 'habitual' ciggies (ie the one I would always have at 9.30am) are now out of the equation as today was the first time I didnt look at the clock and think 'I would normally be smoking right now', so I guess this is also a sign of some progress.

I think this 2nd week is going to be my tough one, but I hope I am strong enough to power through it.

In terms of motivation, the fact I dont ever want my child to see me smoke should be enough, but also I have read many things saying that even just having the smell of smoke on clothes etc would be bad for a small baby. As it's due to join the world in just over 4 weeks, I've left things pretty tight! :p

Keep up the good work people


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:D Hi Dellboy, and Congrats on getting to day 7. All the best for the next 7 days. Jacqu

Quit date: 10.2.12

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Well Done you for not smoking after a few beers!

I havent had a drink while not smoking yet but hearing that someone else has conquered it will help me loads when the time comes!

Keep up the good work, reading posts like this really help me to keep positive!



Well done dellboy :) it's so sweet you're doing this for your baby

Congratulations :D




counting of days then weeks soon adds up and becomes months and the thoughts of smoking will get weaker and less often

onwards and upwards is the way to go :)


Well done Dellboy, and congratulations on your impending arrival! :)


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