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Oh what a terrible dream yeeouch!!


Hokay, so I know we all have weird dreams during the stop smoking process, whether we are on Champix or not, but last night I had a real GRANDADDY of a bad dream oooohheerr:eek: It went like this:- I dreamt I met up with an ex boyfriend and we were in his flat, when all of a sudden he said 'Do you want to smoke?' So suddenly I am smoking and there are cigarettes everywhere, rollies and tailor-mades hidden in the bookcase, heellpp:( So then he went out (still part of the dream of course) and came back with a pack of 10 for me, and before I knew it I looked in the packet and realised I had smoked about 3 and a half of them without even knowing I had done it LOL!! And I was saying, 'I've lost my quit, I've lost my quit' and I was so gutted. Then things got kinda complicated cos I dreamt I was back in my own flat and everything was alright again. But in reality I was still asleep, so I kept flitting around in this damn dream, one minute at home and okay, the next minute in his flat and smoking, and I didn't know what was going on cos I kept going back into this crazy dream. It was so horrible cos I really couldn't distinguish the dream from reality. Obviously I woke up for real eventually and realised I hadn't lost my quit, phew:D but that was the worst dream I have had so far. Think it serves me right really for thinking bad thoughts before I went to sleep, kind of wanting a 'holiday' from the quit, and wanting to smoke for a day and then start the quit all over again. TERRIBLE thinking:o I know. But I am back on track today and no way would I swap my increased fitness for a lousy cigarette.

Shows just how powerful the nicotine addiction is though, and still in my subconscious mind. And conscious mind sometimes too. But bit by bit I am learning to deal with it, and I so want to be smoke-free for Christmas, as it would mean so much to my elderly Mum. And to me of course.


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I always get mental dreams regardless of quitting or not quitting. However they now seem to be getting a bit abstract and involving people I haven't seen for years.

Some are a bit saucy as well

Dreams help?

I actually think these dreams help your resolve. When I have one of these "I started smoking/lost my quit" dreams - I wake up absolutely horrified - I now remember this feeling for when I am thinking "just one" or any of those other stupid thoughts!!!

I'm quite impressed with that dream Zoe !

On a subconcious level you are associating smoking with your "ex" therefore it's all in the past tense. Your brain has put smoking in the past :D


Thanks Pip:D

On a subconcious level you are associating smoking with your "ex" therefore it's all in the past tense. Your brain has put smoking in the past

That sounds good now you have put it into perspective for me;) But blooming dream well put the frighteners on me LOL but ok now:cool:


I'm liking that thinking actually about the past tense and all that.. Very smart...

You know a holiday from your quit would be a disaster though I guess.. You'd just have to use time on that knitted cat!! :)

OMG lmao that was one heck of a rollercoaster of a dream. I often wonder if I could have a holiday from my quit but you and I both know that the holiday would only last until we wanted to quit again, and the vicious cycle would continue. Im really glad you resisted and that your dream put it into perspective.

You are strong and I know that you will be in the penthouse with aJ2O for me when you get there just before me.

My strangest dream was that I was back with my ex who I left 10 years ago :confused: what was that about eeeek!:confused:

Lillie xx

Erm, Barney my sweet,:D please don't mention knitted cats, erm, not right now erm, aaaarrrrgggghhhh:mad:

Only kidding:D hee hee!!

All quiet on the western front.

Zoe xxxx

Lillie, we are losing the plot bigtime:eek:

You are strong and I know that you will be in the penthouse with aJ2O for me when you get there just before me.

Now look ere young lady,;) If you think I am entering the Penthouse (whatever that is????) wiv a glass of J2bloodyO in my hand you can think again,:eek: cos if I do actually make it there it will be full on Champers and the good stuff too!! Oh gosh lillie, soz if i was rude there, didn't mean to be an you my bestest friend too xxxx I go alternate weeks wiv da quit, week 4 good, week 5 sh1te, week 6 good and week 7 on the downside but still up if you c what I mean???? Soz Lizzie I love you xxxx

You really are nuts, but in a great way. You always make me smile.

Luv ya

Lillie xx

Dem smoking dreams can be scarily real.

The worse ones came when I was trying to adjust the NRT.

One night I was smoking (in dream) but worst part was that when I woke I did't know if i should report wat happened to the forum or just stop posting.

I was awake for a few moments before I worked out that it was a dream!!!!!

It took some time to recover...:):)

Oh Zoe you always make me laugh XX

I've had a couple of dreams where I'm smoking, but I know I'm dreaming and it can't hurt me, so I was happy :confused: What does that mean?

Mind you, I still dream about eating meat, in the same sort of way, and I haven't touched the stuff for 6 years...

I've had a few of those dreams myself. One time I dreamt I found a gold packet of 20 B&H (FULL) in my kitchen. I used to keep my cigarettes in the kitchen :o. This was my favourite brand many, many years ago long before I started to worry about spending money on cigs and long before I switched to "budget" brands and rollies. On this occasion I woke up before I smoked them. I love the "ex" interpretation! For me it seems to be a warning dream - everytime I have a "smoking" dream I have a really bad day. The last one I had I was actually HAPPY I'd given up the quit and started smoking again :eek: That was followed by the most horrendous day yet - thankfully I got through it unscathed! Phew! Anyway you're doing great, Zoe :)

I dreamt about an ex last night. No smoking involved!!


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