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Today feels like the day...


I woke up at 5.30 to do my horse before work and had 4 fags left, the first 2 i smoked and my chest felt awful, done my horse and had to walk him to his field, up a slight incline...this absolutely killed me :o!! I have asthma and being a smoker obviously doesnt help on way home in car i smoked my 3rd cig then thought im doing this today and smoked my 4th one...and now i have no fags, bought a load of fruit on way to work and am hoping to continue as positivly as i started this morning (after smoking the 4 cigs left :rolleyes:)

I am becoming more and more determined that i want to/can do this and will do this!

Any advice or good luck wishes welcomed and greatly appreciated

Thanks guys :)

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Just do it!

It feels a bit scary (daft I know) but I know how you feel. Lost count of the number of times I felt chesty and thought to myself 'what am I doing'.

I have smoked for the last 16 years (15 to 20 a day). Tried giving up before going cold turkey and with NRT gum and just didn't have the willpower. The cravings were mental.

9 days ago I decided that this was my time, and bought some patches and for me at least they have been great and I have had no cravings at all. It seems so easy this time and in my mind I am now a non-smoker and it feels great. Think I was more anxious about quitting than I needed to be as with the right frame of mind (and in my case the right NRT plus this forum is a great help) it really doesn't seem such a big deal. Have had a couple of days without patches and didn't get any cravings so am looking forward to the day when I put my last one on.

That's great Dolcie! You can do this.

I have asthma too - and I had it sooo badly at Christmas when I had the flu, I had to sleep sitting up and couldn't climb three stairs without fighting for breath. It was horrendous, and it really made me think: this is what chronic lung problems/respiratory disease would be like ALL THE TIME. That really scared me straight.

There are so many good reason's to stop though, it's hard to know where to start.

We're all here for you! Hope it goes well.


Congrats on making that wonderful decision today :)

Only advice I can give you is similar to Geebls' which is that you need to get yourself in a frame of mind where you don't see anything positive at ALL about cigarettes anymore. This is because if there's any lingering feeling of 'wanting' left then the will power required to quit will be extraordinary! On the other hand, if you start to look at cigs for what they are (nasty, smelly, addictive, unnecessary killers) then it helps with any cravings you might get.

The easiest way of getting into this frame of mind is to read read and read I think! Educate yourself on the nature of addiction both physical and psychological. Some great links can be found on ppl's signatures (I find most things on useful or

Keep that amazing positive energy going and don't hesitate to post on here if your determination starts to fade a bit, we all help each other out.

Have a great day!

Dolcie, the fact that you've decided you've had enough will ensure success. You have to hold on to those thoughts of how wretched you felt and what drove you to that point of actually thinking "that's enough"! It will seem a bit scary perhaps, but read, read and then read some more on peoples experiences, signatures etc. cos the help is right there. Fill up those spare moments with the education of the whole quit smoking business. There are plenty of tools out there if you need help, don't be afraid to use them, we all quit in different ways, the purpose is to find the way that works for you. Don't be worried if you don't find it straight away, and don't be scared of failing. You have made the important decision and that's to quit. Huge well done to you, you won't regret it.

Lorraine :)

Welcome Catwoman, and good luck. These first few days are tough, there's no getting around it, but if your head is in the right place - and it sounds like it is - then you'll get through it fine.

Happy quitting!


Cravvvvvinnnggggg ahhhhh :(

So its now just approaching midday and i am now starting to think about lunch time...dont want to give in but am thinking just the one wont hurt but i no one is too much and a million never enough! Ahhhh i really am starting to want one now, sipping on my water and trying to keep occupied with work, hopefully this will help!

Anyone please help on how to get past a craving and the thought that stupidly i am missing out if i dont have one :confused:

Im angry with myself for considering it as i no if i really did try i could do this so hopefully ill conquer the lunchtime crave then have to face the finish work craving lol one step at a time though i guess!!

Read read read!!

it keeps you busy and it reminds you why you're doing this, and helps you to understand what you're going through.

It's so hard, but it does get better x

Hel x

Hi Dolcie,

Can you do something different to what you would normally do in your lunch break? I used to go home or go sit in the car & smoke so now I sit at my desk & post & read on here & eat :D Perhaps go for a walk. Anything different, you'll be surprised how easy it is once you have done it;)

Gaynor xx


For me I found the best way to get past those really tough cravings was to say, OK if I still really feel this craving in half an hour I'll have one. I never did. Don't think about never having one again, just think about getting through the next half hour.

Thanks guys, feel better now! I may try and get out for a walk on my lunch, really want to start jogging so i guess today is the best day to start and slowly build up as i feel my breathing improving!

Thank you for all help and advice much needed and appreciated!:D

Well done for working through it Dolcie, remember that there's no such thing as 'just one' :)

Well done on getting past that craving, a lunch time walk sounds like a really good idea. Sorry to repeat previous advice, but changing routines really will help. Even little things like coffee/tea in the morning etc. Changing these routines avoids some of those smoking triggers. Don't think long term, it was months before I could think of not smoking more than a day without feeling a panic coming on. Think of today, and think about tomorrow when it comes. Enjoy that walk.

Lorraine :)

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