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Day 2..Intro..who feels like me

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ok this is my second day of none smoking..these are my stats

Two days, 6 hours, 0 minutes and 55 seconds. 45 cigarettes not smoked, saving £12.78. Life saved: 3 hours, 45 minutes.

i smoked from 17-23 about 20ish a day..and loved every day of it..i didn't quit because i wanted to or because i couldn't afford it or anything like that because i LOVE everything about smoking..a constant companion who has been with me through the good and the bad..never judges me.. just sits with me silently whilst i need a time i can have a think about everything, anything or nothing.

so ive gone cold turkey and its horrible..ive got a proper grump on and i need to constantly be doing something..

did anyone else on here quit although they still loved smoking and even the ideology of it?

i dont want any replies from do gooders saying how bad smoking is and how i have made the right decision. im educated i know the facts..i just felt it was my freedom of choice as an individual; and social pressure has forced me to stop one of the few things i truely enjoyed.


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dude im not on here for a grammarathon..this is more a stream of consciousness...that im letting out..

right now im struggling to find reasons why i quit..suppose thats why i wrote the above thread

"sorry but you are trapped in a drug." - i know im addicted

"the drug is controlling you". - i know

"your not in control". - probably not

"if your enjoying cigarettes, then you are a VERY unique person you should be in the guiness book of records.ha" - i know alot of people who enjoy smoking and im sure alot of people on here enjoyed was once qouted not to long ago as the "working class liberty"

"most smart people recognise this." - alot of very clever people smoke including doctors and a certain american president.

"i do not fully understand why you are quitting cigarettes?" - thats the question

i have nothing against non-smokers or people who have quit (unless they become the nazi militant non-smoker stereotype.)

im just asking has anybody quit even tho they loved smoking and the idea of smoking (and still do!) and if so how difficult has it been for them?

sorry..i didn't realise you had REAL mental health issues.

p.s im an athiest

ok sorry your right...

good luck in whatever you choose to do mate




For goodness sake


This is not what this forum is for, take a step back everyone & start again.

It can be very difficult to get your point across in written word, with no feeling being able to be shown. Things can easily be taken the wrong way.

Whatever the reason, whatever the way, the point is we all want to stop & are here to help each other not critisize even if we secretly feel like it!

Love Gaynor xxx

question above makes sense in a way rpitchfo

hi rpitchfo congratulations on youre quit - i tried cold turkey a few weeks ago i found it very difficult & i think youre doing really well to keep going..i felt very depressed like yourself & it takes a lot of courage to keep it going,i am now using patches into 4th day. I am not a do gooder i did like smoking myself, i still do like the idea of smoking, i miss smoking & if i could smoke for the rest of my life if their was no health risk & they were free then i probably would. For me too smoking as always been their through good & bad, a crutch like yourself & something to do quietly for a minute away from everything & everybody. But i kind of find myself in a situation now were their is no future in smoking & for myself, my family, my money & everything else that goes with the against it lark i am trying my damn hardest to quit for good. keep posting & keep updating with how ure quit is going - think the nicotine is out after 3 days on cold turkey and after a few weeks you should be feeling great. Try not to think of the social pressures. Try to think of any reason even if its just one that you want to quit for yourself, then maybe that will get you through & of course treat yourself with that extra money. remember youre just not smoking for today & think that every day.. try reading the allen carr book - it will inspire you so much it dosnt give you a big lecture its a fantastic read .. keep it up well done you.. hope ive helped maybe not but im just a quitter with a lot to say lol

If you love smoking why did you quit?

my parents don't want me to. i have moved back home for a while and as all smokers know they are gonna have to quit one day i just felt that it was the perfect oppurtunity if not quite the right time.

as for finding a reason for quitting myself..obviously there are loads..just not many i can justify right now.

Ok I give up now


hi rpitch fo

I am a little confused now - i thought you wanted advice or help on anyone who still feels attached to cigarettes... maybe my big speech was a little too much & i now feel embarrased by it ..without being to rude if the timeing isnt right & you dont want to quit not even slightly then i know it sounds awful but maybe you shouldnt quit just yet.

You will probably just end up more depressed & turn into a secret smoker which isnt something i would recommend - (cost a fortune in perfumes/aftershaves).

Everyone on this forum is trying to achieve a very big thing in their life, we are here to support each other & give advice on the ups n downs of quitting. I dont really think anyone could give you advice coz their isnt really any to give?? (sorry got wrong end of stick as usual ... )

kat..nah you're on the right lines with what you first said.

maybe it isn't the right time for me to quit..but who is to say that doesn't mean i will?

p.s what does it matter the reasons for the quit?

p.p.s..the underlying motive is i am wondering if their is anyone out their who didn't WANT to quit..but did nonetheless..for any reason.

kat..nah you're on the right lines with what you first said.

maybe it isn't the right time for me to quit..but who is to say that doesn't mean i will?

p.s what does it matter the reasons for the quit?

I think the reasons are important, well they were for me they are what has kept me going. Every time I feel like smoking I just remember the reasons and they are so strong it keeps me from smoking. You have to stop for yourself not for anyone else, otherwise you will find it very hard.


am i invisible??????????????????????

I see you Gaynor :)

yes i have to agree with trendy - in all honesty without sounding awful if youve not got one single reason to quit apart from offending youre parents then you probably arent motivated enough ... but maybe im wrong maybe that is the one single reason for you to do it? maybe you will? it will be interesting to see good luck


Wonder what the hell I am doing here sometimes? Perhaps I am being a bit of a grouch today but am trying to help people & just sometimes feel it is ignored.

Grouchy G. xx

hi neverstoptrying

you can help me, i always need advice. would be appreciated at times like this... sometimes i think to myself how the hell did i get this far with smoking x

I found your question interesting, in that I spent a large part of my teens, plus all my twenties smoking- Never wanted to give it up, really believed i enjoyed it etc. I don't recall ever seriously trying to give it up. It was just what i did. I was a smoker. I liked the company of other smokers, and even though my mum and bfhated me smoking It never occurred to me to give it up.

All smokers think that they "enjoy" it. I still have smoking friends who say "I don't want to give up-I enjoy it" In reality they (and I ) are addicted to nicotine and enjoy the relief of withdrawal symptoms that the next cig brings.

It took me a while to get my head around this one. I gave up because i was enjoying it less and less and was spending a fortune on something i didn't really care for much anymore- but also there's a huge part of you that does still believe in the enjoyment factor-and that you're going to be missing out on something by giving up. Cigarettes seem like a good friend to have.

Read Allen Carr if you haven't already because he does a good job of making you realise that you only "enjoy" it because you're addicted to a drug, nicotine, and you smoke to prevent yourself going into withdrawal , and the relief you feel is "enjoyment"

But that said, when i was wasting my life and money for all those years under the false impression that i was getting something out of it. I would dismiss attempts at getting me to stop as boring nagging and i really never wanted to then.

You have to want to stop for yourself. Its a shame but in the early part of drug addiction you experience more of the good effects, and there seems to be no reason to give up.

Also, I know from having given up before how much betteryou feel, but i remeber just believing at firt it was going to be really hard, if not impossible, and i was losing that "Love of my life, who i'd just got a bit fed up with, but still loved really"

You just have to make a leap of faith that it may take time, but ultimately you will feel %100 better than you do now, and i can guarantee this.

I don't know if you'd be able to give up while you feel like this, but stopping for a bit will help you realise that you can enjoy life without cigarettes and that its so much beetter.

Hope that helps.

Also, there is never really a right time- and the earlier that you can give it up, the less damage you are going to do to your health, the less money you will spend/lose to the habit, the less entangled into addiction you will be.

I really wish i had wanted to earlier.

I'm not violently against smokers now i've given up, i just realise that they're completely deluded in thinking that they get some sorrt of benefit out of it.

Speaking about Allen Carr (not the comedian one), there is a good number of youtube video's which are quite good, do a search and you'll find several 10 minute video's to watch. Worth watching.

Also: regards 'other smokers', i am never going to be a nightmare ex-smoker to my smoking friends, its all about choices. I've made my choice, and I won't influence theirs. Some need them to get by in this very stressful world, i simply want to cope without them and that be my choice. Only thing I want them to know as smokers is not to offer or tempt me again with them but i am more than happy to have a yarn and a giggle outside even if i am not personally smoking no more.

LOL but they do though don't they? (offer you them)

I have one friend at work, who I always used to smoke with. I used to do nights, and she is the cleaner who came to take over from me in the morning, and we used to go outside and have coffee, fag, chat.... She still offers me them, gets upset if i say no. -It doesn't help that i suppose that during my "relapse" periods i'd ask her for one, i suppose, and she never really sure that i'm smoking or non smoking today.

I alos lapsed the other day out for a drink because friends were all sat around rolling rollies in front of me. So I (stupidly) asked if i could have one- not able to cope with actually seeing a packet and people smoking during a weak moment.

I Understand

Hi There,

I understand what you are saying, its not that you hate smoking because you've been doing it for how long and its a sense of comfort and stability, but you are to the point you feel you're ready to quit I think???

I dislike when people pick apart every little thing you say and bash you about it when you are just trying to express yourself, so if you dont agree with my opinions thats fine by me you're entitled to that...

I feel the same way, I'm only 21 and smoke, I used to smoke much more than I do now, but I have been slowly cutting back since cold turkey didnt work for me, I quit smoking at work and taking smoke breaks and my clothes smell better and my breath so I love that part, and my biggest issue is drinking, smoking and drinking has always gone hand in hand for me and friends, but I've cut down to only smoking when I drink, but if I dont buy the smokes I wont have them when I drink- which Im trying now.

You need to quit for right reasons, for yourself not others. My boyfriend hates that I smoke and wants me to quit, but he chews and smokes when we drink together so I don't ENTIRELY care what he thinks, but I do want to quit to be alive to raise our kids I have one day, I don't want to smoke at my wedding and ash on my white dress or burn a hole in it, I don't want my kids to ever see me smoke, I want to live to see my grandkids and play with them and not be on oxygen. I don't want wrinkles around my lips when im 30.40. etc, I don't want to have yellow teeth, bad breath, and stink like smoke.

For all them reasons I feel I'm ready to quit and am at the beginning of a long journey, but I am ready, I am prepared, and I'm ready to give up this little "THING" that I thought was my friend, but was really an enemy in disguise because it is something that can cut my life short when I have so much I want to do and see in my life and sucking on smokes is not going to get me there.

Hope that kind of helps, I agree Im not AGAINST smoking, I'm just no longer FOR it, its getting old to me and you need to get to that point where you are tired of it. And always quit for you, not others, because then you are only kidding yourself when you sneak a cig, trust me tried it.

Best Of Luck and I hope you can realize you can do it but for yourself and your future, not for society because they have a tainted view on cigarettes, it's a very very rewarding occasion to be able to say I quit smoking a year ago, two years ago, etc....I'm looking forward to that day now :)


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