No Smoking Day
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5 WEEKS 36 Days!!! TY Forum!

:D DAY 35 was yesterday..

= 7 x 5 = 1 month and 1 week. I am 5 weeks!

I have noticed weight gain of 5 lbs...Grrrr..Otherwise I feel ok...

I only use the lozenge..under the tongue..1/2 a tablet...

and I am like so GOOD! I FEEL GREAT TOO! Its amazing...

and I do not feel deprived or sad or anything!

Had I known it would be this easy,

I would have done this years AGO!!!!!

Keep going...keep going...don't look back!!! :)

All of YOU inspire me !!! Stay focused...we are all success stories!

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Positive post as ever, Bluetree.

Congrats for your 5 weeks...keep cranking 'em out. Those successful in front of you did so you're treading a well worn path towards better health...and pride in your own capabilities :eek: :cool:


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