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When do I stop counting the days?

I am now on day 26 of a cold turkey quit. Have found it tough but a full month is just round the corner.

My concern is that I don't like counting the days. I have seen posts on this forum such as "1 year, 4 months, 12 days since my last cig" I don't always want to be counting every day for the rest of my life!! I just want to live a life where I don't continuously think about smoking and notching up the number of days since quitting.

Sorry if I am sounding so negative. I really hope in a few months time I can look back at this post today and feel good on how free from smoking I became...

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Hi Woody

I know what you mean about counting the days in the beginning it's great but the more into the quit I'm getting I'm counting it as weeks not days I have the my last cig app on my phone which breaks it right down I haven't smoked for 44 days 19 hours and 15 minutes! Pmsl it also tells you how many fags you haven't smoked I hope like you to get to the point where I have forgotten how long it is but I think that may be a little way off yet, keep up the good work :)


Hey Woody, well done on 26 days.

You will forget, I promise. The day comes when you're pretty sure what the figure is but have to second guess, just for a second. Then you won't know and have to work it out bit it'll only take a second.

Then one day someone will ask and you're counting back in months.

I've not had a fag in 1 year, 5 months and 12 days so you weren't far off, but I just spent several minutes working that out. Just for fun, it's not anything I think of these days :p


Thanks for the messages. I really like the idea of thinking in weeks rather than days. And for me this is my longest ever quit and love the fact I for once have the opportunity to count in weeks (3 so far!!!)

I find this forum so helpful. I am able to have a moan and still get the support. It is basically this forum that got me to day 26 as I don't want to rely on other substitutes such as patched or e cigs.


You are doing great Woody, as the others have said you will soon be counting in months not weeks:)


Well done on your 26 days, Woody! You won't be counting every day for the rest of your life, because the days have turned into weeks for you and in 4/5 days, you'll be in Month 1!

As has been said.....some people like to keep track of where they are, whilst others aren't that bothered and some find it a distraction. Like just about everything else in this quitting business......do what works for you. :)



I'm still counting my days too so it's really an individual thing - massive well done on almost four weeks down though, that is worth counting :D


At first you're busy keeping your mind on the job of quitting. So you will be counting the days as you go along. I don't think this is a bad thing, it helps keep your mind focused.

For me, I stopped counting when I literally just forgot! First it was maybe 3-4 days at a time where I just wouldn't think about smoking at all. Then a week would go by without me thinking about it at all. Then it would be several weeks.

Even when I come on this forum, I don't actually think about me smoking. Literally never. I just come on here to hopefully help some people to get to where I am.

So, you'll basically just forget over time. And it's great!


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