No Smoking Day

Errr... is week 3 the one where you can't stop eating?

:confused: I've been so good and healthy since I started not smoking...... but for the past two days I've been craving junk food like there's about to be a national shortage! I just had 2 microwave cheeseburgers, a bar of chocolate, some left-over macaroni cheese, ANOTHER chocolate bar, all washed down with an orange just so I can say I've had something healthy tonight!

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I hate those floppy cheese things , slices? only there about as close to cheese as china is to the USA! i have been eating those ><

i have basicly eaten everything that doesn't involve too much preparation and has crossed my path! <the kids are lucky 'cos they'd take ages to cook through !> :D don't know what it is about but yes i have suffered lol its less these last few days so hopefully its easing off hehe


I haven't stopped eating for 2 weeks!! Just been out for a lovely meal, pudding, bottle of wine, big fat cappuccino, yummy!!! I keep thinking at least I am not smoking. Will start to be good in a little while when I know I have got past the worst!



ooh how the other half live ;) hehe

Good for you hope you enjoyed it x


Had a rubbish day at work, couldn't be bothered to cook so went out. Feel full, fat and happy!!!:)


hehe nice one! not the rubbish day! sorry about that :( but the full and happy bit with still a tidy washing up free kitchen :D cool! hehe


:D I'm going out for curry and beer night in a no-smoking pub tomorrow - for the same reason! :D

Gotta try and lay off the bar snacks in between the beer and the curry.....


Nice one mad cat! have a pint for me :D Read this from a health n safety mag may help you lay off the bar snacks ><

Hmmm… simple pleasures like bar snacks.

Goldfish, pretzels, peanuts, and what are those little oddshaped

doo-dads that taste so good while you are at a bar

enjoying your favorite beverage and watching the game on a

Friday night? We don’t know, but you may be enjoying more

“doo-dads” than you think. Studies have shown that

community bowls for snacks and mints in restaurants and

bars contain high levels of contamination from E. coli,

Staphylococcus and traces of urine due to patrons indulging

in these snacks with dirty hands.


Week 3 and still stuffing my face!

Glad in a way it's not just me.........if it ain't moving I am eating it! Told myself Monday was start of healthy diet ...yeah right, I ate so much crud yesterday it was untrue finished my day by sprawling on sofa and mullering WHOLE pack of cookies (meant to be my daughters), feel huge, my friend is the same nothing fits her, but have told her it's surely better to be alive 'n' kicking and not skinny and dead!

Must stop eating though...............


Hello Janeeliz and Welcome x

15 Days! Wicked Well Done x x Glad you posted to say hi :D

Eat eat eat and eat some more is my motto :D stops me smoking!!



but of course dirty minds think alike ;)




actually i think there is no sort of ban stopping me thank u very much

i was merely showing my opinion!




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