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When will I stop thinking about smoking?

Hi All,

As a rule I'm not really craving a cigarette (apart from a bad couple of days last week!) but I must say that I am thinking about smoking a lot. The need to buy a packet is not there but I do think about smoking and imagine myself doing it. When will I actually stop thinking about smoking?

Can anyone else who is further down the quit line help me out with this question?



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Your one day off my quit date.!!!!

I know exactly where your coming from with the "thoughts", Ive been getting those too.

I may get one every 5 hours and then not think about smoking for the next 5 hours then just think for no reason, Oh yeah I stopped smoking oh well and then onto something else.

I may be managing easier than you are but then again I smoked half as long as you did and half as many.

Keep it up, as you will know yourself there are hard times and easy times and sometimes you just have to plod through the days!


All day I've been thinking about smoking. When I went to the co-op I was looking at the price of tobacco to see if it's gone up much in there yet. It has in McColl's - it's over £3.00 for 12.5 grams now. My sister is coming to stay for a few days and she has really been wanting me to quit and stay quit so I feel like I couldn't relapse now if I wanted to.

I guess we have to hang in there - one day at a time and NOT TAKE ONE PUFF.


Cravings get less and less over time but I'm told from a couple of long times friends that the craving never goes totally away. Its something we have to fight for the rest of our lives. I'm near 8 monnths smoke free and can go up to 4 or 5 days without thinking about a smoke unless I see someone smoking. We just have to stay strong cause the alternative is out of the question.


Hi clarebear

im not quite as along as you in quit ....however a bit of a longterm attempter:o ...The more time passes I think the thoughts will go...isnt it a good feeling for them just to be thoughts ...i know its tough at times & i so bl oody wanted one this morning ......BUT you can change it all in your head to something good & keep hold of it ..I too have heard that we will want forever ...I can deal with that so long as it dosnt take over my whole life ...I want lots of things im never gonna have :D xx

Be good.. your doing counting on you to keep the way clear of clutter i dont trip xxx:)


I was on a business trip for two weeks in the States (one week longer than planned due to the volcanic ash debacle) and through all the stress didn't even think about or miss smoking. Then I finally made it home after two flights and a 17 hour journey, walked in the door and what did I want - a ciggie :mad:

I nearly instinctively smoked one as well - had to stop myself and not happy. But I guess it's going to happen and nearly isn't the same as actually so I'll get over it.

Speaking to folks and family that have given up for many years they say it's always there. I guess we underestimate the addiction... but I liken it to any other addiction. We need to maintain awareness to avoid the situation...


I think you are hitting the end of month 3 and I personally found it to be a most trying time, but it does pass, I’m not saying that you will get over this tomorrow or the next day but it gets so it’s a fleeting thought that has no strength, we all suffer it to some extent and then like has already been said it diminishes to the point where you just except you don’t want or more importantly you dont need a cig.

I don’t think for me it will be a lifelong problem as now I have decided it’s ok I don’t want to be smoker and actually enjoy all the benefits of being a clean smelling non smoker then that’s when it got easier for me.

I wish you health and happiness in your now smoke free life xx



Hmm. This is a difficult one. My dad gave up and said it took him 10 or 15 yrs to stop thinkking of them. This bothered me immensely at the start of my quitting. Imagine feeling like you want/need a cigarette for ten years.....

I think he actually meant just odd thoughts. I am now at over 5 months and rarely think of them (however took a year and a half to properly quit)

I can now see a time when i never think of them and forget i used to smoke, but it took me a long time to get here. I believe that is pretty near for me now. But as it is an addiction, we have to always think. There can never be anymore cigs unless you want to be an addict again.


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