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week 3 and grumpy

hi guys..

well week 3 and a bit and i feel so much better physically.. had my teeth cleaned at the dentist today and that really gave me a boost seein how nice and fresh they look :-)

one thing i cant get rid of though is the grumpy me.. all kinds of little things are irritating me and its not the point of getting angry im starting too feel every emotion possible.. is this normal?? has anybody else found this?? :confused: xxx

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Doing and looking excellent, bex_boo :cool:

Being grumpy and emotional are side issues that most of us suffer in the early days. It's part of the withdrawal effect after the physical side of nicotine.

This psychological element is the longer battle that you're having with the inner demon of nicotine. Don't worry as this won't last forever and in fact there are ways to shorten the period immensely.

"Nothing is either good or bad but thinking makes it so."

Cherish yourself and your quit. Possibly pamper yourself a little bit more. Affirm to yourself what you've accomplished so far. In fact seek that from those around you as well.


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