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What is the purpose of the patch?

I know, the reason should be pretty plain but I am confused.

I quit smoking 13 days ago. I have been dealing with rashes from the patch for 8 days now. From everything I have read I am over my nicotine addiction. What I mean is the nicotine is out of my system after 3 days. I am just fighting urges now, am I correct? If this is correct then my next question is, why do I have to continue the patch (or any other aid)?

I could really use some answers to this as I would like to take the patch off for good. The itching from the rashes is far worse than any cravings I have had to smoke and I gave up a 3 pack a day habit.

I wait for guidance and help from others more knowledgable than I! ppat

Nope, day 13 and loving it!!!

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Hi ppat, the patch is providing you with nicotine to make the withdrawals from the nicotine in the cigarettes easier. Have you made sure your skin is clean and free from any moisturiser etc? This could be one cause of a rash. If not have you tried the patch on another area of your body? It may just be your are allergic to that particular brand of patch or just any patch!!

Only you can decide if now is the time to go without the patch. When I have stepped down a patch I have felt maybe a little light headed as my body got used to a lower dose of nicotine but this lasted no time at all.

Whatever you decide, good luck and well done on coming thus far ;)

Gaynor x


well done on staying smoke free for 13 days thats a great achievement :D

the reason you carry on using the patches and dropping there dosage as you go through the six week period is to help you with the strong cravings it helps keep the mind getting its fix like any addict if you just stop you will get really strong cravings but if you use something to help in theory it should be easier

as to the itching i know what that is like you could try a different type of patch as the glue is different but if your finding it too hard then try another nrt treatment there is a wide range out there

i found sudocream helped with the itching

hope you have a great weekend :)

never quit giving up


Hi there, welcome to the site.

Good advice above. If patches aren't working for you there are a load of other things you can try - inhalers, mouth sprays, lozenges, gum - which might work better.

One thing you should be clear on though, is your body isn't free of nicotene until you completely stop putting nicotene into it. So whenever you do wean yourself of the NRT, whatever form it takes, you can expect to continue to feel some withdrawal symptoms.

It's like going for a swim in freezing cold water - Cold Turkey is just throwing yourself in and dealing with the enormous shock straight off. NRT is like going in inch by inch and working up to it. Each to their own :)

Anyway, however you go on with your quit, well done for making it this far!

Best wishes,



I knew going into this that I would be getting the rashes. It was and still is a choice I have made. Last year I cut my leg (pretty bad) and it took months to heal. I developed rashes from the bandages. Even the ones that were supposed to be hypo-allergenic.

Tomorrow I will be smoke free for 2 weeks, I may try stepping down to a lower dose and see if that helps relieve some of the itching. If not, I shall be going cold turkey!

Smoke free and loving it!! ppat


The Patch

New to the forum. I am on day 12 without a smoke. Feels good not to have the cig control me for a change. Started with the patch and the gum for the first 3 days, cold turkey after that. Smoked 2 pks a day for 30 plus years. Its not easy but well worth it.


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