The patch is on

Good morning all..............the patch is on and day 1 starts yet again :eek: coffee and walnut cake for you as promised on my return (sorry you had to wait so long)

Jase.......your double double choc cake.......dont make yourself sick.

Lee.......your surprise........a lovely cherry cake (my mums receipe)

The other 6 can be shared amongst everyone else..........make sure a bit is left for Chrissie and Marg :)

Hope you all enjoy and, it's good to be back...........just need to make sure I stay here this time :D

Love Carol xxx

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  • Hi Carol :D

    Good to have you and your lovely cakes back

    So the patch is on and you're all set for day 1 well done

    You'll make it this time for sure

    They'd better save a bit of cake for me :D


    Marg xxxxxxxx

  • Welcome back Caz

    Heard all about your cakes and can't wait to try one. yum yum.

  • dig in and I hope you enjoy :)

    Thanks Marg..........just want to make sure I do it this time.........I'm not going back to day 1 again. Never mind tomorrow I will be in day 2 :)

    Carol xxxx

  • Morning Caz

    Welcome back - and you are even more welcome when you come with cake! Would you mind if I had a bit of the coffee and walnut one - it looks amazing! :D

    Best of luck for your first day, I hope it passes quickly and without too much of a problem for you.

  • Carol,

    No matter what, no matter where the source of stress comes from, please.. please.. take a time out to recollect the happy thoughts whereever you can..

    There is always hope... there is always a new day.. and each new day will take you closer to the new you that you want to be.

    Good luck hun, i'm really proud of you for starting again, and so many thanks for the double double chocolate cake :)

    (((( big hug to start you off ))))


  • Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh :mad:

    Really bad headache and cant think straight and having great difficulty typing :(

    But I've been up 5 hours and not had one!! Why oh why do I keep putting myself back through these first few nasty days??? IDIOT

    Need to go and give my youngest a cuddle as I have just bitten his head off........oops :o

    The demons will not win, the demons will not win, the demons will not win, the demons will not win, the demons will not win.........................

    Carol xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Good morning Carol - or perhaps not with the headaches !! I had them dreadfully as well the first couple of days but you KNOW they are part of the ghastly first few days !! If we could really remember what it is like initially when we quit I am sure we would never quit the quit !!!! Stay strong my friend - will be with you shortly !! - Peta xx

  • Hurry up Peta I need someone to hold my head up for me :D It feels soooooo heavy........I actually think that an alien has come down and nicked mine and left me with this horrible one.

    Carol xx

  • Hi Carol :D

    Sorry you have that awful headache maybe if you could go llie down and have a nap it would help you at least get rid of the headache which will make you feel better anyway

    Hang in there you know you can do it you already have before OK

    Keep it going we're all here for you Promise


    Marg xxxxxxx

  • Hi Chrissie :D

    You're a cheeky girl you are send a PM to me indeed with swear words still on second thoughts why not I know some now even though had to find a dictionary to see what some of them meant when you sent me one :p;)


    Marg xxxxxxxxx

  • Hope that headache is easig now... i hate headaches, but funnily enough, i've had less headaches since i quit than when i were smoking.

    lets hope this one clears up quick.. they aint fun in the slightest.

  • Ouch I so deserved that:D was i really that bad?

    You said anything as long as i didnt light up

    Chrissie x

    Hi Chrissie :D

    I did say anything as long as you didn't light up and I meant it then and also now OK

    And no you weren't that bad honest injun

    But I'll never forget the fairy under the gooseberry bush :D


    Marg xxxxxxxx

  • Thank you Chrissie.................I love flowers :)

    Had a wee nap and my head is a bit better .............. wish my temper was :p

    Well that's not true I don't care what it's like but I think the boys do!!

    Pay back time for all the tantrums :D

    Only a few hours to go and I can go to my bed.........and then it's the morning and day :)

    Carol xx

  • Hi Carol :D

    Glad you feel a little better now don't worry about the temper for now


    Marg xxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Marg

    Temper in check :)

    Going to lie in a nice hot bath with some nice smelly candles and just chill it all away.

    Day 1 nearly over and I have survived............felt much better the first few days stopping using the champix but hey ho I'm a big girl (no nasty comments guys) and I'm sure I'll get through it.

    Carol xx

  • Sorry Marg the temper is back with a vengence :mad:

    Went and ran my bath...........stuck hand in and it was freezing..........aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh Why me?

    Davy has just checked it for me and the boiler had tripped the fuse. Need to wait an hour now for the water to heat up. So much for my nice relaxing bath :eek:

    Oh roll on day 2 I want this one to end :p

    Carol xxx

  • Hi Carol :D

    Oh dear poor Carol having to wait an hour for the bleeding boiler to heat up

    Would giving it a good kicking help relieve the temper do you think you can have a loan of my steel toecaps so you don't hurt your feet if you like


    Marg xxxxxxxxx

  • Sssssssshhhhhhhhhh it's working and the bath is running and it is hot this time :D

    Hehe I'm going to get my nice relaxing bath after all.............bloody need it now :D

    Keep the steel toe caps handy marg..........please.

    I'm away to wallow :)

    Carol xxxxxxx

  • Well, everything else aside.. the single most important thing.. is you've quit.. and that you intend it to remain this way.

    Good on you for getting through your first day.. and what a pile of steaming you know whatsit it seems at first.. day 2 is tomorrow, but by then you've had a good sleep, you wake knowing the score and you just get on with it.

    Enjoy that bath..and the sleep.. and tomorrow who knows.. its just another day in la la land :)

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