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Pause for thought and a little bit scared

Hi Everyone, hope you are all doing ok.

I had a visit to the doctor's this morning, been in a bit of pain from what I think is muscular, in my neck and clavical (collarbone) area. I have put it mainly down to repetitive strain, due to sitting in front of a computer or laptop for 40+ hours a week for around 20+ years and bad sitting/phone ergonimic habits. to the doctor I go as the pain has been getting me down, I've got to have blood tests and a chest x ray and once the results are back discuss treatment.

I am sh*tting myself at the thought of a chest x ray, My aunty died 3 months ago at age 58 (13 years older than me) of lung cancer.

Forget the nicodemon paranoia sitting on my shoulder, this one is far bigger, could have gone straight to the health centre and had the blood tests and x ray but need to get my head round it, so will go tomorrow morning and then the dreaded wait for the results.

I am going to stay positive but god I really dont want to go


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Good thoughts going out to you.. Hope all turns out ok


Hey fellow NOPE'er thinking of you loads.... cyber hugs your way

Let us know how you get on



Hi good luck with docs tomorrow i am going through something similar (different ailment) so i know how you feel. I am actually scared out of my wits but really chuffed that i have quit smoking even though could quite easily use it as an excuse to smoke (oh the stress of it all *feigns swooning).

keep your chin up and remember we will think its the worst because we have now made a huge effort and that would make it unfair that we bothered but it may be that you just need a good physio, think about it you would've broken up the bad posture through going for a cig now its constant.

praying it is all okay for you

jenni x


I hope everything goes OK :) xx


Hi I would say don’t worry but that would be like saying put the kettle on but tell it not to boil, we are not capable of not worrying especially when we think it’s the big C, but the other way to look at it is that they will give everyone blood tests and chest Xrays if they go in with any kind of back/ neck/ chest pain, doesn’t mean they think its C just that they have a duty of care to investigate everything and then they can rule them out one by one, scare the shite out of you and then tell you it’s rheumatics.

I had some problems a couple of years ago and they sent me hospital saying I had heart attack, tested me and eventually 8 weeks later told me they didn’t know what it was, probably anxiety HUH and last July I started with some not nice symptoms, and they sent me to hospital and on the form it said suspected Cancer I nearly died but they got me in fast and it was UC not good but so much better, but the 2 weeks wait was a crueler LOL.

I am sure that it will be muscular as my friend in Hunstanton had lung cancer and he had no pain at all nor my Mum, so try not to get to frightened and let us know.

At least you have quit smoking now so that’s lessened your chances from now on.


Thank you

Thanks everyone for your kindness and encouragement. I know I just need to get on with it and will let you all know.

Thanks again especially for listening to me.

Keep positive :D


Hi there - hope all goes well tomorrow Sara. We all imagine the worst don't we - it's a completely normal reaction - then afterwards wonder why we put ourselves through such worry!

Let us know how you get on. Thinking of you,



You'll be great bonnylass. X:)


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