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scared - dentist!!!!!!!

im praying for and dreading the dentists, ive not had a solid nights sleep for a month now, im living on anti inflamitorys and codiene and paracetamol, i know its my own fault (previous depression, booze issues & smoking) with a fear of dentists has made me neglect my mouth and boy am i paying for it. I think ive an abcess and im racked with pain all nigt every night - todya was the earliest i could see my dentist though.

It wouldnt suprise me if my fall down the stairs was just through tiredness, though when ive fallen ive chipped the tooth (even more) thats been killing me anyway, so while my ankle knee and collarbone/shoulder are healing nicely i cant stop with the pain killers just yet, i figure i may as well get it out the way now while im signed off work anyway right?

an hour before i go, im literally trembling, I KNOW Ill be ok once im in the chair, but i feel sick at the lectures and snooty looks im due (ive never known a dentist do this btw but this is the scene in my head!) and being spoken to like im a nugget, but maybe this time i can say look ive not smoked for eleven weeks (at 3pm same time as my appt!!) so can we please go about fixnig my bad work.

I guess i feel ashamed that ive let it get so bad, i just want this over with though

Suprisingly (for me) dont want a cig even though im scared,

see you later guys and thanks for listening ;) its actually helped LOADS

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I have always dreaded dentists but I was forced to go because my teeth were in a terrible state. Luckily I found a great dentist and had a lot of work done including implants and I never had the slightest twinge of pain.

My dentist has just won Best Young Scottish Dentist and he deserves it.

Good luck


Duuudddeee!!! I have a fear of the dentist too so can totally relate. I dodged them for 15 years and finally plucked up the guts to get a check up and it was like:

Dentist: "well your teeth are in good shape, just some staining to be removed with a scale and polish and possibly half a filling down the line"

Me: "yay" punch the air in triumph

Dentist: "do you smoke"

Me: "yes"

Dentist "well you need to stop you have really bad gum disease and its no good having good teeth that are going to eventually just fall out of our head"

Me: ...slumps into dentist chair with bottom lip trembling :o

I will be thinking of you this afternoon, I'm sure you'll feel a tonne better once they have sorted your tooth.

If anyone gives you a snooty look just "accidently miss" the little sink when you spit your pink juice ;)

My dentist is kinda tasty and would definately "get it" but that still doesnt stop me passing bricks from the back end every time I get a check up :o

I'm gonna get blocked when its time for the hygienist!!!

Good luck poppet and huge HUGS

lucy XXX



I can relate to that. Never heard anyone say I like the dentists.

I did much the same as you and left visiting the dentist far too long.

Once I'd quit I thought right get the teeth sorted. First dentist I went too just didn't seem to care. No x-ray although she suggested I needed one. No advise or customer care, said I could go back and have an x-ray if I wanted.

Well I obviously wanted one because it was needed. I never went back. I found another dentist who was much better.

So don't put up with any cr*p. Get this job sorted as you must get the pain sorted asap. Then if they you don't like the attitude find someone who wants the work. Saying that I suspect you are thinking the worst and once you get there it will all be fine and you will wonder what all the fuss was about.

Well done on you quit.



Thinking about you at 3PM.

I think to be honest everybody hates dentists don't they??

The only people that don't are their parents .... surely!!

I never went to the dentists for about 15 years ...... shocking!

Finally plucked up the courage and went for a check up last year and got exactly the same as don't need any work .......... but ........... you have the start of gum disease!!

Then followed the 30 minute lecture about smoking, drinking, eating, brushing your teeth wrong blah blah...

Got me that paranoid I ended walking out ... only after feeling so guilty I bought a bloody electric toothbrush off them!!

ahhhh haaaaa now I see your devious plan .... it was all just to get me to buy one of the 47,000 tooth brushes your dental group bought el cheapo off the Oral B rep!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR :mad:

7 .... 8 .......... 9 ........... 10 .......and ..... relax!

Hope it all went smoothly today chuck....just don't punch him/her ... they don't like it!! :)




My teeth are fine, but same story with gum disease. My dentist has a book of helpful full colour pictures of the successive stages of gum disease. She likes showing me this book. Needless to say, I don't much like looking at it.

However, having my teeth stuck in my head - as opposed to falling out on the floor - is one of my main reasons for quitting. Those pictures in the dentist's book brought it home to me that smoking was actually damaging me, and that it would get worse. The anticipated feeling of intense shame in having gaps where the teeth used to be - and it being my own stupid fault - really got to me. Good!

I hope it went well for you at your dentist, Sassy.


I'm still trying to work up the courage to go :(

Molly x


Molly - it's worth it. Until fairly recently I hadn't been to the dentist for 5 to 10 years. Now I go to the hygienist ever 3 months and have a check up every 6 months. Although I don't much like being at the dentist, the knowledge that I am on top of my dental health - rather than neglecting it - is a great comfort to me.

There may be some work that needs doing to begin with, but once that's done it becomes routine (and rather boring!).



thanks guys, well good news is i get on the bus on the corner of my st and it drops me off at the dentists door! how good is that for 8 mile journey!

bad news is Ive an abcess on both sides at the back, she just cleaned round a bit and gave me anti biotics til next thursday (removal day eek)

She asked when id last been the dentists i laughed and said yeah was a few lifetimes ago when she asked why i simply held up my hand, once she realised i wasnt being rude she looked and saw the small lake of nervous sweat that was forming.

I explained that id drunk and smoked to excess for a long time and now id kicked the habit I wanted to get sorted and that the pain was more instense than the fear. She was actually really nice, so the £30 id have saved not smoking has gone on putting the mouth right (step 1)

so still in pain (more so after she prodded about)

but the pain free light is at the end of the tunnell


Well done good for you being so brave!:D


Your courage paid off, well done.


Oh well done

Sending you virtual hugs and flowers

I was another dentist dodger. Brush my teeth religiously because I smoked and I didn't want to go and show off my stained teeth. I need to go though because I think my gums are scuppered even though my teeth look much better already, I wish I was as brave as you :o

Once as a child a dentist came over holding up a syringe, I am needle phobic and he had always hidden it behind me in the past; he tried to put the needle in my mouth, my leg shot up and seconds later the dentist had crumpled to the floor - I had accidentally kicked him in the (ahem) (ahem)!

He said to my mum that I didn't need any further treatment :rolleyes:

I hope your pain is a distant memory very soon!


well done sassy you are so brave i am at present building the courage to ring and make an appointment i have been building the courage for about 18 months now

at the weekend the side of one if my back teeth chipped off i am dead scared now that i am gonna get tooth ache

i have gone to dentist early in my quit but he was very mean about the damage i had done as a smoker [mainly gums] i proudly told him i had quit a few months previously he gave me no praise and and said the smoking you have already done has damaged your gums 'YES dont you think i know that you *******' i thought in my head' and i left there very disheartened and havent darkened there doors since

well done to you i will try to be as brave as you one day/month/year soon



I dont like dentists, but I hate the thought of false teeth, so I go and mine is nice. It just has to be done. Hope it went well.x


oh Boo

Please go, when you quit didnt you just decide im stopping and once the decision was made off you went??

Pretend you're me and say Im super nervous and im aware of the damage ive done and would like your help fixing it, if they cant respond positivley to that then its not the right dentist. and you are within your right to find a new one

So Channel Sassy, walk in the door speak nicely but firmly to the recptionist (you can usually gague the dentist by the staff) and if nothing say can i just say hello before i register (so you can get a measure of them)


I had a tooth out recently because of smoking and it was probably the best tooth in my mouth. Okay, I have had a bit of a stumble and am back on them but I still have the tooth so will carry it in my wallet when quit day rolls round again. My mouth doesn't take anesthetic well and I can easily feel pain but the removal was worth it in the end. The pain I was in before hand due to an abcess was unbearable so I fully sympathise with you Sassy. Just relax through it (I know that sounds hard). I only felt a bit of pressure with that being removed. Good luck and don't worry about it. You'll be fine.


Glad to hear you are route to getting all fixed - a good voddy may be in order for tonight as a way of patting yourself on the back and it may prove a good pain relief :rolleyes: medicinal purposes and all that jazz :rolleyes:

We will be holding our faces together then chick - I was back at the docs this morning as I was in mega pain all day yesterday with my cheek again and its been confirmed that I have stones in my paritod gland...bad news, but that means antibiotics wont help so I can stop taking them...which means I can hit the carlsberg tonight..good news :p

If its any comfort to you my other half just finished with loads of dental work and he said the least painful thing was an extraction he had done..hopefully it will be the same for you too..I have my fingers crossed for you x

Oh and for everyone suffering with bad gums the corsodyl dental gel is very gums stopped bleeding after 2 weeks of using this and I used the corsodyl everyday toothpaste for w while which helped too :)


I've just read this post and oh my goodness Sassy, you really have been going through it.

I hope the anti biotics kick in quickly for you and that you will soon be out of pain. Toothache must be the worst pain ever, you really have my sympathies. I hope that the abcesses heal quickly and that you'll be feeling on top of the world again real soon. Try not to worry too much about having a tooth pulled, it really doesn't hurt, just a little bit uncomfortable. As mark said, you just feel a little bit of pressure. Before you know it the tooth will be out.

Good luck for when you back. Thinking about you.

Love May x


Hope you get it sorted soon Sassy, you must be in a lot of pain, thinking of you xx


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