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I'm 23, have been a 'proper' smoker for the last three years, but I am now SO ready to have it out of my life. I'm pretty much constantly in a cycle of being 'quit' or smoking even more than usual because I'm stressed out by failing and the damage I'm continuing to do to myself. What I guess I'm really looking for is people who are in the same boat. I think, a lot of the time, being able to really talk it out helps with success. Anyone who can guide me around here, point to which threads might be best? Thanks!!

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  • Welcome suhiprincess!

  • Trying again... Hi Princess :)

    There's a sticky somewhere in the forum, with links to LOADS of really fabulous posts.... here! Found it! forum.nosmokingday.org.uk/f...

    But also just browse around, there's tons of useful stuff, and if you read a bit every time you feel a bit wobbly, now and then you'll come across a post that relates exactly to how you're feeling at the very moment, and that's brilliant - you'll feel much less alone :) Good luck x

  • Thanks for the replies guys! I think I'm gonna start tomorrow. Wish me luck! :D​

  • Hello and welcome,

    How you doing today?

  • Hi, I'm new. Sorry to hijack your post. I was hoping someone could tell me how to start a thread too. Sushi, did you stop today?

  • Hi polianna! If you haven't found it yet, click the FORUMS button *(top left) then scroll down and choose your forum :) Welcome zone is a good place to start. Good luck! x

  • How's it going Sushiprincess?

  • what works for me is the motyo, just keep going, dont be hardon your self, your stronger than you think, bit by bit.great your ready to quit.

    read and post often it helps

  • So I haven't smoked yet today, but we're coming up to the evening, which is the hardest time for me coz it's when I slow down and get bored. Hoping to get through without wanting to rip my own face off too much lol. Always tricky because my housemates all smoke too :/

  • Hi Sushi

    Welcome to the crazy forum, I think you will find that most of us went to bed really early on the first few weeks, you will find that you will need to change some of your routine to fit in the ex smoker you have become but you will also realise it's worth it, stay strong and post often😄😃😜😝😛☺️

  • True story. I spent most of my DAYS in bed, never mind early nights... :P

  • Hi Shusi_ Princess

    Welcome to the forum and yes, you must scroll threw the posts and you will really find very helpful information.

    You must really Surf the net and find out what is happening to your body and brain.......Knowledge is power.

    Here is something to chew on......

    (Quote) ​Visualize the war that's going on inside a smoker's brain: Nicotine versus Dopamine. Natural fight or flight reactions are now becoming nervous disorders. Organic feelings and emotions about life in general become exaggerated problems which seem insurmountable at times. After long term use of high-potency cigarettes (about 15 to 20 years), a person can permanently cripple the dopamine system, and ruin the ability to feel pleasure at all without first smoking a cigarette.(End Quote)

    This really made me think and shocked me back to reality.......(I smoked for 38 years nonstop)

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