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A Little Bit Disappointed

But elated at the same time - I've been going to the gym every day except Sunday's (closed), eating well, playing tennis, going for long walks for three weeks now and have only lost a couple of lb's - however, three weeks ago I had to come down the stairs sideways as my knees and hips hurt so much - living in a maisonette I need to be able to use the stairs - this morning I actually run down the stairs without thinking about it and without one iota of a twinge! I haven't managed to run up them yet though:o I'm sleeping like a log and my attention levels are soooo much better, I used to think I was too tired to exercise every day, but the activity is actually giving me more energy and suppleness, I haven't had back/hip/leg ache for two weeks now. I know my muscle mass is building up and that is why the weight loss is so slow, together with my inability to say no to that extra roast spud :p But I am going for the long haul of improving my lifestyle, apparently the longer it takes to lose the weight the less likely it is to go back on, after all, it's taken me eight years to put on four stone and four dress sizes, if I can get back into a size twelve in a year I will be very, very happy ;)

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Hi Jenni

I have only just stopped, now day 14 but have joined slimmiing world to try and avoid the 3 stone weight gain that i had with my last quit. I felt dissapointed this week as I only lost 1/2lb. Better than putting it on though! Good luck and stay strong, you have done great! xx


Jen, a couple of lbs in 2 weeks is brilliant! :)

As you say, if the weight comes off slowly it is much more likely to stay off long term. Crash dieting does nothing for anyone. You're doing this exactly right in focusing on the long view and it's wonderful that your fitness has improved so much already.

Well done you is what I say!


Thanks everyone, to be honest, I'd forgotten how much I enjoy exercise, I'm not very competitive so it's no surprise the OH wipes the floor with me when we play tennis - I'm lucky to take one game a set off him! :o

Deb - I am going for the M&S size 12, I know I'll probably be a 16 in Peacocks but I'm really not worried, as long as a 12 fits :D


Well done on making this change of lifestyle. We do forget how much we enjoy exercise don't we.

Alfie sends many congratulations too. He says you can take for a walk anytime.����������������������������������������������������������������������������������

Thanks Jenny, my mum (who lives in Severn Beach, just down the road from you) has a very exuberant rescue boxer who is more than happy to take me for a run too, it's more of a drag but I try to keep up :D


Hey Jen this is brilliant and a couple of pounds lost is better than a couple of pounds on! I'm just like you I have put on 4 stone in the past 9 years but to be honest it's like I woke up one morning a size 16 when I used to be a 10! :eek: gonna get the smoking sorted and then like you start exercising, one thing at a time well done to you mucker xxxx


Hi Jen just a thought but when I started exercising I first put on a couple of pounds even though I was noticeably trimmer because muscle weighs a lot more than the same volume of fat. I was putting on muscle (I'd never exercised before) and it was making me weigh more. After 6 week this turned around and the fat started coming off very quickly and I lost quite a lot. So just keep at it but obviously the health benefits are starting to show!



:D:D Official weigh in this evening - I've only lost another pound but a total of 7.5 inches - which means my muscle and bone density areimproving, yippee!, also my heart rate has come right down, when I started a month ago my pulse was 158 by the end of the circuit, today it was 126 - and I'd really put the effort in as I'd burned 879 calories. I'm so pleased with the improvement with fitness I could sing, I won't as I'd get arrested for breach of the peace, but I am soooooooo happy. I am sleeping better, I can concentrate better in work and I'm generally feeling so much better:cool:


Fantastic Jenninegs :)

Isn't it a wonderful feeling when it comes together like that? Do keep us updated on your progress.


Just like not smoking its little steps that matter and soon those pounds will become stones. I am dancing 3 times a week, walking to work when I can and trying to eat less and better. I as am in the zone so have a set of scales, my tape measure and a chart to track my progress. Keep going chick and think how fabulous you will feel at Xmas if you get back to a size 12. But also remember its not there clothes size that matters it about feeling fabulous whatever size you are xx


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