day 4 flu symptoms or withdrawls


My names donna, I had no intention of quitting, but on new years eve my cold went to full on flu and I couldnt even face a cig, so 4 days later I still feel awfull but not touched a cig since new year, only prob is I have no idea which symptoms are from my flu and which are withdrawls.

i have headachs, really bad taste in mouth, sweats, cant smell anything, no appitite and a really dry mouth, and coughin up mucus.

doctor said my lungs were clear last week and that i had a bronchol infection,

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  • Yes, that's about right. lol. I'm on day 25, my cough is gone, ears and throat still swollen feeling. My smell is starting to come back. I went through sleeping everytime I sat down, to not sleeping at all. Stay with it!! We are proud of you!

  • Hi there,am on day 4 too,woke up with sore throat,but feeling alot better,as in my chest less tight,and I don't feel as "on edge" as yesterday.You may have the flu and withdrawal symtoms together which must be awful but hey also a great way to stop as you maybe havent had time to ponder the negatives of the first few days,you have just done it.Well done and stick with it x x x

  • Hi onefineday, welcome to the site.

    I wouldn't worry too much about what is flu and what is withdrawal, either way it feels crappy :(. Drink lots of fluids, take paracetamol. Really hope you feel better soon.

    What I would say is, beware of the time when you do start to feel better because then 'missing' smoking will hit you like a ton of bricks.

    I know whereof I speak: I gave up in December 2010 when I had the flu so badly my lungs practically shut down. Like you, for the first few days of withdrawal I had no desire to smoke because I felt like death anyway, but once I recovered my subconscious addiction started playing merry hell. However... here I am, one year later, and I haven't had a single puff and it's changed my life. You can do the same!

    All the best,


  • My experience was much the same as Helsbelles.....just remember when you feel better, the desire to smoke will re-awaken.....I must say though feeling like shit and not being able to smoke was the best thing I ever went through....I'm on 9 weeks quit and going strong.

    Lisa x

  • thanks guys,

    well popped down stairs today (been stuck in bed for a week) smelt my hubbys cig, threw up and went back to bed, so no fear of smoking yet.

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