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Day Four and full of flu!!

Hi Everyone,

I am on day 4 of my quit and so far feel terrible. I have no desire to smoke though because since stopping I have been full of cold, flu syptoms, cough, sneezing fits and aches and pains. Has anybody else experienced this? Also I am beginning to see the monetary rewards already. My partner has quit with me and we have a whiteboard on the kitchen wall which says how many days we have been quit for and how much money we have saved between us as a motivational tool. After 3 days we have saved £41.80!!! When you see it in black and white every day it soon adds up. I am also transferring £5.30 every day into a savings account. We have just bought a new house so all our cigarette money can be used for home improvements. At least then we will be able to see something for our money instead of it all going up in smoke (boom, Boom)

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Might be just proper flu you have there.. it would be easy to just relate it to quitting smoking, but with all the bugs knocking around anyway, likely you've caught a dose.

Sounds like your doing just the right thing by saving the money properly too that you are saving from not smoking between you, great to watch it mount up, you soon realise how much you wasted over the years.. ohhh how it would be nice to get it all refunded in lump sum :)

Anyway, good luck, hope to see more posts from you soon :)



Just worked out that after smoking 20 a day give or take for the past 17yrs i have spent approx. £32,886.50!!!!!:eek::eek::eek:

Am just wondering how many fantastic holidays etc that could have bought me!!


definitely, ok now picture that 32k+ in used £20 or £50 pound notes in the middle of your back yard... could you really set light to that? watch it burn?

No.. impossible. but thats really over time what we managed to justify.

its bad when we look at it like that.


I wish I'd spent all that money on shoes or handbags (sigh!!)

Just read your gollum post....Very funny, and so true!!!


Hope you are starting to feel a bit better, I ended up going to bed about 4 just woken up but cant say I feel much better for it. Got some day and night nurse and that is taking the edge off the sneezing.

Few more days and we will be fit as anything ;)


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