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Benefits of a 75 day quit

Again...just for the record.

1. Cough disappeared, no wheeziness, could walk up a hill no problem, loads of energy in my aerobics class.

2. No stinky smell, no yellow fingers

3. Pride...I could overcome an addiction

4. Other people said my skin looked better (I didn't notice this) Maybe they were just being encouraging!

5. No going outside in the cold, desparate, with the other addicts

6. No tobacco bits all over my car, in my bag.


hohum...well, there's always next time

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How bad was the fail? If it's just 1 then no problem, chalk it down to experience and get back on the wagon! The worst thing you can do is go "oh well I've failed, I'll buy a 20 deck and try again in a few weeks".

You had 1, it's done - you haven't undone all the good you outlined above so keep on at it!



I appreciate your message Matt, but it was/IS a BAD fail!

I'm not giving up giving up though. I will be back!


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