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No Smoking Day
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Some benefits of quitting

You will be in control of your life again

No longer an addict and slave to nicotine

Food will taste better

You will no longer stink of smoke

You will be far healthier

You will breath easier

You will have loads more energy

You will notice the smells around you more both good and bad

And you will be wealthier and so able to treat yourself and family more often

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hi marg ,what a good post,,i can re late to all of them,,and it makes you wounder why it took so long for us to realize what we were missing out on,,thanks for the reminder marg;),,just keep the faith tony keep:D:D:D


No more withdrawal pangs between smokes!!

More time with kids and family!!

Stronger nerves and confidence!!

No burn holes in clothe (or car!!)

Whiter teeth!


amen to that



Great post 'mummy m'!!!!

Also, great to not feel like an 'underclass' people looking at you in disgust while you have a fag outside-(but then again it might have been my paranoia!!!) but not having to make cheap excuses to disapear for a cig is GREAT xxxxx:):p


Hi Tony, Bella and Shabba

Tony you are so right just why did it take us so long oh dear me the years I wasted :confused:

Bella those are really good :)

Shabba I had forgotten being made to feel second class We have all come a long way ;)

Love to all Keep smiling :D

Marg {Mummy M} xxxxxxx


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