Other benefits of quitting

Today I bagged myself a cushy graduate job as a manager and I'm pretty sure it's because I quit smoking.

Basically I was at the interview and I was asked if I smoked. I said I had quit 5 months ago and never looked back, they said good because one of the main problems they are having with staff is too many ciggie breaks in one day!

If this had been 6 months ago I guess I wouldn't have gotten the job!

Hope everyone is having a good smokefree week! x

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  • Well isnt that just great news K, well done to you! Yet another benefit!

    I think it also shows your fighting spirit and determination....i would look favourably on this in an interview too.

    What are you going to be doing?

  • Wow, Kirstie, that's fantastic!! :D

    Many congratulations from me. Just goes to show what unexpected benefits there are from quitting doesn't it? :)

    When does the job start?

  • Well done on the new job Kirstie. I have no doubt that smoking impacts lots of things now its so much more anti social than it used to be. :)

  • @Andy I'm training to be a project manager for a company that sells lots of sofas.

    @Skiddaw I start on Tuesday!

    Thanks everyone else. I know I felt so proud to say that I did not smoke! Funny how things work out. All that hard work has paid off in so many ways.

  • All I can say is 'sofa so good' :D

    (I'll get me coat....)

    Many congratulations Kirstie. I shall be thinking of you on Tuesday. :)

  • Haha Titch funnily enough it doesn't, they're our rivals ;)

    Thanks so much Skiddaw x

  • Congratulations on the job!!! Hope you have a good future there :):D

  • Haha Titch funnily enough it doesn't, they're our rivals ;)

    Thanks so much Skiddaw x

    You're welcome Kirstie :)

    That's very 'suite' of you and I hope you 'settee' down quickly...:D

    (I really will stop with the furniture jokes now I promise ;))

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