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Benefits of quiting (for men)

Day 27 and I made a discovery last night.

I think that's a somehow hidden benefit of quiting:

I hooked up with an ex girlfriend yesterday evening and we ended up at her place. She was very lets say "pleased" to find out that due to stopping smoking I had a lot of extra energy ;)

Therefore, quit now and improve your intimate life :D :D :D

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Same happened to me! She was so pleased that I could carry the four heavy bagfuls of groceries all the way up the six flights of stairs to her apartment without huffing and puffing that she's promised to invite me round every Friday night from now on :D



Brilliant Alex!!

Maria. x:)


Alex, you made me laugh so much that tea nearly came out of my nose.


Hi guys ...I know exactly what you mean . Great isnt it :cool::D:)


Haha, this definitely is a bonus ;)


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