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No Smoking Day
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My second day on champix

Hi there everyone, a newbie here! I received my prescription yesterday and collected straight away from chemist. I took one yesterday and one this morning, a little wave of sicky feeling came upon me maybe an hour after i took it but apart from that i feel good, i am still yet to choose the day i stop smoking yikes!!! thinking xmas eve actually as that would be day 8 i think! im already i would say not fancying one as much which could be in my head rather than tablets kicking in! anyone esle just started and still at the smoking stage? i feel terrible for smoking still but thats what ive been told! im not a heavy smoker just a very addicted one i guess. Mel x

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Hi shiny

Welcome. I stopped after three days on the champix - now on day 8. There are a couple of groups you can join - Champix and the december group for further support.

The more the better. :)


:) Hi and Welcome Shiny-Strawberry , good luck in your quit. And keep posting and reading other peoples messages, as we are all on here to support each other. You can join the december quitters if you wish, they will look out for you too.


Quit: 14/11/11

Proud member of the November N.O.P.E group

Live long and prosper.


Hey shiny-strawberry, I know when I first started the Champix it was a funny feeling to carry on smoking when I felt I had made the decision to stop. :) If you can, try picking a day and sticking to it, it can be so easy to let the days pass you by. I was worried about my quit day as I wasnt experiencing strong side effects and still craving but when the day came it was no problem for me. Good Luck! :D


Thanks everyone!!

Hi again! Thanks so much for those lovely messages, ive just come back from my xmas night out and a bottle of wine later!! and i have something amazing to say........from 6.30pm until 1.30am i have had 1 cigarette They must be starting to work they have to be i have never experienced this its weird!! i just didnt fancy one the whole time and was too busy and it was so cold outside (live in edinburgh) freeezing!!!!!! so just didnt bother!! wow ...but got home and had one and i didnt even crave for one more like habit i guess because i kept going on about how i hadnt had one all night really! well i would love to join dec group how do i do this!??? Well done you three you have done so well, i hope to be giving advice and tips to someone one day!!

Mel xxx


Thanks Karri!!! oohh just realised your quit date is tonight. any particular time?? :) good luck on your journey, so your not using the champix just cold turkey!? wow so strong well done you. well 3rd day in now, only had 3 today which is a mega cut down so pretty impressed so far, the fags just dont see important anymore!! i think i'll do my quit day as xmas day...lets give myself an even bigger challenge lol to be honest i think i may have gone off them before though at this rate!


How are you getting on Shiny?

I am on day 1 today, picked up prescription & started this morning on Champix.

Setting my quit date for 18th Jan (day 8)


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