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Its so scary the thought of quitting !!

Iv not picked a date yet but its soon, dont like telling people as find myself under to much presure (is that normal!)

Iv tried to give up in the past but dont think iv been 110% commited to actually doing it, but my son is getting older and hates it :(

Does anyone have any really good tips to get through the 1st day? Thats the day i normally cave on :(

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Good morning,

What i found worked...was actuallly telling as many as you can. Get a support system built so that when you do can call on them to help you get through that day.

The first day is tough! Are you going cold turkey? I wish there was some magic answer to help you, but the biggest things is will power...mind over matter.

I know this is all rhetoric...but it is true. What about a picture of your son in your pocket and when you get that craving...take it out and look at him and know that he wil be proud if you can make it through



Hiya Mummy...

First of all - you've already made the most important step - you're here and you want to stop... Yay!

There are a number of things here and there that can help - some you may find helpful, some you may not... but the biggest help that got me through the first big hurdle was this forum, the help and support from all here...

I think it really helps to try to realx as much as possible. There will be times when you want to scream, from other posts I think a couple things will help with that - green tea and shouting at passing traffic (waits for backlash from zoe)... Relaxing music, lots of water, you will find out what works for you...

Are you going Cold Turkey? Some of those here will swear thats the best way. Personally, I tried that and failed (several times between you and me). I tried several NRT type thingies and settled on patches and an inhalator...

By far though, the biggest help is your state of mind... Dont worry about tomorrow, or the next day or the next week... One of the wise clever people here said in another thread that you only have to stop smoking the one cigarette - the next one... and she's got a great quote about pebbles and not to take on too much all at once *writes post-it note and sticks to monitor to learn quote* Break it down and take it as it comes, try not to put any pressure on yourself - it really will not help your quit... Know that we are all going through, are have been through, the same as you - I kept telling myself, if they can do it and live through to the other side, so can I... Read the posts here and post post post yourself too - it really does help

When you hear the little voice from that horid nico-demon on your shoulder telling you its ok to go ahead and have one more smoke... turn your head the other way and you'll hear the fresh clean sweet smelling voice saying "think of your little one, you really dont want to smoke that horid thing, no no no no you dont"... Just tell yourself you dont want it...

But I'm sure the others here will agree - you have to find what works for you... You may find reading alan carr's book (no idea which one, but I'm sure someone will mention it) helps, or you want to try one (or more) of the NRT thingies available or go hard core and take the CT route, but it is up to you - just know that we will be here to help and support you through your quit...

Very best of luck and let us know when you do take the first step to what WILL be the beginning of a whole new fresher, cleaner, healthier life ahead :)


You can do it mummy! (never thought I'd hear myself saying that at the age of 33).

Make your first day a day that is ever so slightly different from the norm. That way you're doing a little more than breaking the habit/craving. As an example I made my first day the first day if going to visit my mum on the coast. I never smoked in front of her or my daughter...SO....3 hours in the car and I'm 1/2 of the way through the day...get there feet up and I'm out of my normal surroundings.

We were away for 3 or 4 days so I'd broken the nicotine cravings by the time we got back. Then I got all those difficult situations out the way ASAP. I think I'd got all of the testing situations out the way within a week and it has been plain sailing from there on in.


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