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No Smoking Day
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One year done on 1st April - no fooling


I rarely post but do look at the forum each week to see how people are getting on

I am very pleased to announce i have now not smoked for 1 year !!

I had smoked for 30 years

Like most other people, I never thought I would do it, especially in the early weeks when it seemed that i thought of nothing else but smoking and eat for England instead

But eventually i realised i had gone an hour or two without thinking about it, then a whole afternoon:), then even a whole day

I have had a few problems, mostly with gums, requiring an operation, and like most, a 10lb weight gain. But on the posititve, my skin is the best it has ever been and i can exercise much more easily. I have also not had one single cold since stopping

My final test was a two week beach holiday that i have just returned from - where my smoking amount would have normally doubled. Apart from a few memory associations, I was never really bothered. The flights as well were so much less stressful, not worrying about the next fag.

I quit with the help of champix - its effectiveness completely outweighs the few side effects you suffer.

My personal experience is that once you have changed your mindset from I must give up, I need to give up, I should give up, to "I just dont want to smoke anymore", then after an initial horrible couple of months, it does get easier.

I wish everyone success in their quit

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How wonderful and inspiring is this post!!!

Huge Congratulations!!!!!

Its nearly a year for me too and also on Champix!!!!

Well Done!!!!!!


What a fantastic and inspiring post I can't wait to be where you are! You've basically done it now, keep up the good work. (: x


Well done - glad it's worked out for you!! Inspirational to junior quitters like me.

Enjoy!!! :)


Huge congratulations on reaching the penthouse.... :D:D:D


Congrats and wellcome

Hi ,and congrats and wellcome to the penthouse I to have recently reached this mile stone and if your like me you will feel so proud,well done to you:)


Another well deserved entrance to the hallowed halls!

Mazwol, many, many congratulations from me. Thank you for your lovely post and may you enjoy all the wonderful delights the penthouse has to offer. :)


Hay , just wanted to stop by,you have struck gold my lovely, well done, we all hope to follow you in the glorious road to the penthouse.

Such a great read, so pleased for you :)


Well done and thanks for the inspirational post. I'm a quarter of the way there. I know I've still got some tough days ahead but reading stuff like this really does help. Enjoy the penthouse.


Lovely post - thank you for sharing



thanks everyone for your kind wishes

just a postscript for people starting out

this was my 4th proper attempt to stop smoking

had tried patches, alen carr and cold turkey previously.

I just wanted people to know that if at first you dont succeed, keep trying as it can be done - you may be lucky and it "clicks" first time or it may take a few attempts like me.

Cant say never again but i truely think its different this time and I cannot see myself smoking ever again

good luck all - see you in the penthouse


Congratulations to you Mazwol, you've done what we are all striving for :) quit for a year.....awesome ;):cool:


Amazing. After 30 years you quit, and now you've clocked in an anniversary of being smoke free. Congratulations!


Well done. Being a non smoker is so much better. Smoking is a disgusting habit, and we are the lucky ones to have broken free of it's iron tight grip. Congrats! :cool:


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