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Vile smell/taste

Im on day... 17?? i think now?

For the bast 15days iv had a vile smell and loads of mucus comming from my nose, we all know nose an throat are conected.. so not only am i getting this vile smell im also getting a vile taste that gets into everything i eat/drink.

I cant even describe the smell... its just vile!

The nurse who does my dressing on my wound says it could be the tar/crap off my lungs... is this right?

If so, how long have i got to cope with this god aweful smell!!??!

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Im not sure about the smell and taste. I know that most ex smokers do cough up a lot of rubbish from their lungs. If you are at all worried I would make an appointment with the doctor.

Lillie xoxoxox


I dont have a cough though :( Wouldnt mind if i did tbh, would be better than this constant horrible smelling snot

It really is horrible, im blowing my nose at least every couple of seconds and my tissue is always full of this greeny sticky snot like substance. I dont have a cold but i do have history of sinus trouble :(


Cherry if it's green and smellie maybe you've an infection? perhaps you need some antibiotics, or maybe do that inhalation thing with the menthol crystals, towel over the head and a warm water? might finally shift the lot

Hope so, horrid having bad taste and smell, almost as bad as the smelly wind I had, have to report that has now improved dramatically lol



:DHi Cherry I would imagine thats probably an infection as Karri says antibiotics are needed. Snot to be taken likely. Sorry had to put that one in. lol. Hope you feel ok soon.


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What more meds???.... *rattle rattle*


Iv only just finished 2 lots of meds an 3 lots of pain killers, cant face any more tablets at the moment. Any chance of it just clearing up on its own?

Steam treatment with vix help at all??

Cant face taking anymore meds :(


I'd agree -- sounds like a typical infection. Antibiotics are the best bet.

Mind you, I always had a sore gland (tonsil) in my throat. Had it for ages. Sometimes it was a little tender when pressing down on my neck. Since I stopped smoking, a big lump of gue came out. I flicked it at the dog. :D Everthings fine with it now.


Not fun, is it Cherry?

We Quitters face a lot of hurdles right off the bat - we ALL know that by now! An important aspect of that is the stress we're facing. It doesn't matter that it's self induced - that we're WILLINGLY putting outselves through it. It may be one of the most stress inducing things we've done & one of the impacts of stress is... it knocks our immune systems for a loop. That means for a while, we ARE more prone to various infections.

Take the stress from our Quits, add holiday stress & everything else we face as busy individuals & it's REASONABLE to expect colds & chest infections, winter vomiting sickness, (norovirus), ear infections, urinary tract infections...

Any really off smeall or taste as well as nasty coloured sputum PROBABLY means an infection. If you don't feel like another course of tablets right now & that's understandable - just keep a close eye on yourself. If you develop fever, difficulty breathing & begin feeling really ill, see your doctor. The last thing you need is pneumonia.

I began taking a daily multivitamin 2 weeks before my Quit Date & I try to remember to take an extra vitamin C daily - although I have a terrible time remembering to take any sort of tablets. I'll be doing that all through the winter, just to give myself an extra bit of help.


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