food cravings

Is anyone else having a craving for a certain food or are you replacing smoking with a certain food.

In the morning with my first coffee i would always light my first cigarette but now im dunking chocolate biscuits:o and lots of them. I got quite upset the other day because we had run out of biscuits, sod the fags give me a biscuit;)

And im also eating loads of cheese although ive always bee a big cheese eater im now eating cheese and onion rolls and toasted cheese sandwiches:rolleyes:

I know im going to pile on the pounds but at the mo thats not bothering me.

so what you nibbling or scoffing:p

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  • Olives, silverskin pickles and maltesers.

    never quit quitting


  • Beetroot.....pickled, not pickled, anyway it comes :D

  • I'm lucky, dietitian told me to eat everything that's bad for me for a while, build me up a bit, so I'm making the most of it. Only eat these at night though. (Mostly) David

  • It's all round to Dave house tonight for a chocolate party :D

    Seriously.........I am dribbling now :eek::eek:

  • See you at Dave's as well Pip!! Sod the beetroot now! :D

  • You're more than wellcome but we don't start the chocolate untill we've eaten.

  • You'll be needing this if you have all that choccie!!!


  • think i will skip on both thanks lol.

  • Houmus and breadsticks (but the breadsticks must be mini ones!)

  • Placenta Helper....ha ha ....






    I may not die of lung cancer but my arteries are furring up n my a**e is lardier than usual lol

    Now where's my crisps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Michelle :)

  • Maltesers and Galaxy Counters for me! nom nom nom :D

  • Already polished off a tin of Quality Street and am now on tub of Celebrations - I hide them in bottom of my wardrobe and hubby and son still haven't noticed that I go upstairs quite a few times in evenings:D

  • Get your arse to a meeting Claire

  • Get your arse to a meeting Claire

    If they give out free chocolate I will be there ;):D

  • my arse is too heavy and cant be arsed lol.

    as part of a well balanced diet i am eating all day and and exercising my right to grrrrrrrrrr at anyone who mentions my tummy expanding.

    its working for me :)

    never quit quitting


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