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No Smoking Day
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Confidence and Smoking

Day 16 and going well. It really is the pyschological side of smoking that gets you. LOL! In an effort to fill my newly found time where I don't smoke fags anymore through boredom, I'm trying new things and so c i a l ising with new people. This means being confident in meeting new people, driving to places I haven't gone before etc. Trouble is I'm quite shy and awkward plus I've only driven for a year. I used to smoke before going into new situations but can't do that now....really craving for a fag. I want to do new stuff but all I can think about is smoking a fag first in order to achieve it. Not so confident I guess. Sad I know.



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Not confident???? - you're doing one of the hardest things anyone can do with cold turkey, a book by dead bloke and no safety net:p

You should feel 10 feet tall



Thanks GTAT but my safety net is you guys and this forum. I dunno it's weird, purely in the mind. Before I could go and speak to my boss concerning my redundancy I had to work myself up to it by having a fag first. I must've stunk. Before I'd drive anywhere new, I'd have a fag. I'm finding those situations the hardest at the moment :eek:

Just have to re-wire my brain somehow.


Hi Lisa

The fact that you have achieved this despite the additional pressures you have faced with work suggests that the new, improved Lisa has much to feel confident about!

The way I would see this is that not smoking simply gives you one less reason to feel awkward about meeting new people - now you don't have to worry about stinking them out, or getting away when the withdrawals kick in.

You are still you - only better. Go get that new life that you deserve!:D


Don't plan things where possible...just do them! In planning you'll try and factor 'I'd of had a fag' NOW in to every situation. The alternative is to just grab the car keys and do it. Then you'll probably spend lots of time grinning at your achievement and forgetting the cravings/desires.

My personal approach was to do all the difficult stuff (working in the garden/allotment, going to work etc) without smoking. After day 3 the nicotine had left my body and there was nothing else for me to concern myself with.

Any who...you're firing along at a rate of knots now and you'll be at month 3 before you know it :)

Chin up and just keep at it.


Hey Karri,

I think you are right.....I have never thought of it like that before but the more I think about it I realise that was the real reason.. Well done Lisa I understand and have been feeling just like you I thought it gave me confidence but no..Karri youve made me have an apiphany!!! thank you I love those ha ha ha xxxx


Hiya Lisa

How can you not have confidence in yourself. You have kicked into touch a drug that is as, if not more, addictive as heroin.

You are doing brilliantly and you dont need a ciggie to do the things you want to do. I was the same but with alcohol. If I was going out to meet new people I would always have a drink before I went(not driving of course). I gave up the drink a month before I quit smoking and find that I now hold my head up more when I go out. 1 because I dont need a drink to meet them and 2 because I n longer stink of smoke.

Hold your head up you have accomplished a lot.

Lillie xx


Thanks everyone....well I did it!

I drove somewhere new and did something new and although I really wanted a cigarette, I didn't have one. I popped some gum in my mouth and drove to Stourbridge and hey I might have gone round the ring road a couple of times but I got there. Had a wicked time taking Harrison to meet his best friend at nursery at a brilliant swimming pool with flumes, rapids etc. I would have chuffed like no tomorrow on this one as I didn't really know his friends mum (she is lovely) and didn't know where I was driving too (a scary ring roaded town centre). We all had a whale of a time...cheers guys, you gave me confidence in myself. I know this probably sounds really sad LOL! But I really felt I depended on those cigarettes to get me through new situations.

P.S. Note to myself, Gotta watch my weight or I'll look like a blimp in my swimming cozza LOL! XXXX


Hey Lisa, well cool:cool::D

But I really felt I depended on those cigarettes to get me through new situations.

P.S. Note to myself, Gotta watch my weight or I'll look like a blimp in my swimming cozza LOL! XXXX

Well ya didn't and ya don't:D

Just don't freak when you see a Goodyear balloon with ZOEMAC on it lol:o



Hey Lisa - well done, that's the October spirit


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