No thanks don't smoke any more

This morning I was feeling really good about things in general did my shopping on the way out from Tesco I bumped into and old friend that I'd not seen for a few years. We were having a chat then she pulled out her fags and politely offered me 1 and I politely refused saying no thanks I don't smoke any more. :) In my head fireworks were going off party poppers :p were going off it was the first time that I have said that to anyone.

Well my friend couldn't believe it when I told her, then I heard I could never do it I like smoking to much bla bla bla. I hated the smell and was glad that I had stopped smoking even though I still have bad moments and sometimes think about those little white sticks that take control of peoples lives now think I'm not going to let you back in my life.




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  • Oh my goodness dolly well done on saying no, I may have been tempted, don't know..... but know I would not like to be put in that situation this early in my a huge WELL DONE to you, you should be proud of yourself :) :D xxxxxxxxx

  • Smashing isn't it Dolly, when we can say "I don't smoke " I've only had the pleasure of saying it about four times, it has felt good though. Long may it continue Dolly eh. David xxx

  • Great feeling

    Yeah Dolly, What a feeling, I have not been offered a cig, but been asked for a light, and when I said "I dont smoke" I felt like I had won the lottery. LOL

    Disappointed yesterday, when I went for a medical, My doctor said, "Everything fine except "U Smoke"??? I go to the smoking nurse there?? So told her "No I dont smoke and havent for 3 months".... Stupid "......???

    Ha ha Last laugh on me..... Kaz :p

  • Thats great Dolly I cant wait to say that confidently. Not had the chance yet but I am sure it will come :)

  • Kate I really didn't hesitate this time to say no, I wont get complacent though because next time might be different.


    David It felt like I'd won the lottery it was strange though as in nearly 4 months its the 1st time I'd been offered a cig.


    Kaz You put it exactly how I felt winning the lottery. Not fair when you go to the Doc and they say that especially when you see the nurse at the same practice at least you got the last laugh good for you.


    Trendy It will come and I'm sure you will be as confident as I was. I surprised myself to be honest.





  • Well done Dolly you must have felt like a million dollars.


  • Hi Dolly :D

    Isn't it a wonderful feeling that first time you say no thanks I don't smoke now


    Marg xxxxxxxxxx

  • My daft husband offered me a ciggy last week! I had to remind him that I haven't smoked for nearly 6 months!

    Well done Dolly - I bet your friend was really jealous, she'd love to be in your position really.

  • Well done Dolly, to be able to say No thanks i dont smoke must have felt fantastic, keep smiling,


  • Thank you guys still on a high.




  • Feels good doesn't it! Well done you! I had the pleasure of having to find someone who smoked to get a light for my daughters 10th birthday candles the other week. A bit of a panic but it felt great!!! xx

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