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No Smoking Day
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Today is the start of Month 2

I made it! I'm in month 2. I had one relapse in month 1 which I took very seriously, had a good long think about quitting v smoking and decided that I'd come so far it would be silly to go back to smoking.

So I'm here in month 2. And it's getting easier. Cravings are less frequent and not as long in duration. I no longer feel the need to eat everything I can lay my hands on (although my appetite is still increased on what it used to be). I still do deep breathing and sometimes have my straw to suck on/chew (plain plastic drinking straw).

I haven't yet noticed any extra benefits than I did in week 1, I still wake up each day with a blocked nose and sore throat, my lungs aren't suddenly cleared, but little by little they're getting there. Small steps.

Well, better get dressed and go into work. Take care all and have a great day.

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Congrats on reaching month 2.


Congratulationnsss. I hate that song.. but it's appropriate :D Budge up a bit cos will be joining you in three days ;) well done for getting into your second month!


Well done Jenjam. You made it into month 2, a hugh achievement. Keep strong.

Regards stateofgrace


Thank you all

Blimey i didn't say thanks for the Congrats .. .maybe I was trying hard not to get that song into my head!

Got a cold now. My first since quitting. But I'll be interested to see how long it takes me to recover from it. When I was smoking I seemed to have a lot of colds, and they went on for a while, and I had a lot of "semi colds" ... where I was sneezing, felt rough, but the cold never really fully came on. I hope they dont' come back.

I'll wrap myself up in a warm blanket and get an early night :) mmmm


Hi JenJam :D

very well done getting to month 2 that's great Big Hug for you


Marg xxxxxxxxxxxx


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