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No Smoking Day
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third month started check ;)

hi sorry ive not been on here for a while ive had alot of personal and health probs the last few weeks which have just knocked me for six :eek: but im still smoke free and it wilbe 10 weeks tomorrow since i quit :)

i hope that every one is doing well and will def be coming on more regular to hopefully give support and thanks for the jokes dave hope your still posting daily :D

regards Carol


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WOW!! Carol that 10 weeks has gone really fast!!

Well done, keep it up. :D

Snowie xx


Good for you Carol,

I am so pleased & proud of you.

Gaynor x


thank you Snowie and Gaynor for the messages of support :)


Hi Carol

Good to see you back on the forum and I was sorry to hear that you have not been well.Wishing you and yours a Happy new year.



thanks for the welcome back Danny same to you :D


Hi Carol. Sorry to hear you've been under the weather, but great to have you back and still going strong. 10 weeks is fab :D


Thanks Rachel :D

ive had my grandson kurt staying with me for afew days he always helps nanny to get better and looked after me bless :)


Nice one Carol - when you look back the time definitly seems to have gone quick!

I hope you're feeling better :)


Well done Carol. I hadn't noticed you not around, I am sure I have seen you posting, either that or I have finaly lost the plot lol. Glad you are doing so well (apart from being poorly) getting to 10 weeks.

Take care.



thanks tinks and Sian :) well we have so many new members on here now as well as being awesome :D its keeping me on here longer as i have to read all the new posts hehe and try and reply to as many as i can

something actually dawned on me today not sure if its been there sort of under the surface and a lightbulb has suddenly switched on abit like the ocean finance advert hehe anyways it wasnt until i read a blog of someone giving up smoking that i realised i had forgotton how it felt to be a smoker :confused: apart of my mind thought i would always think like a smoker because thats what i was for such along time but its just dawned that i cant remember how it felt am i going crazy or what :eek: actually i know im crazy but in a good way but is that making sense to anyone else!?


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