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Starting month 2 today


It has been a while since I have visited the forum, life has been rather hectic to say the least and haven't been feeling on top of the world, so I thought I spare you the moaning :p

But I feel fantastic about making it to month 2 today, there have been some difficult days...especially on nights out - seems silly but I am just using the patches every day but if I go out I get really claustrophobic and need to get out and have two drags of an e-cig - I guess this will pass and it is better than doing it on a real one.

Must of the time I don't miss them, and I keep myself busy with my extra hour a day.

I hope you are all doing well and would like to say congratulations to all who have also reached a milestone during my absence.

I have been reading a few post and realised that I have missed the banter, advice and support, so I will try to be in touch more often.

Bye for now, and I will start to enjoy my second month :o

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Hi Marta, welcome back, it's great to "see" you again. Isn't it great getting past that first month?;) you'll be so much more determined to succeed now:cool:. Are you using nicotine juice in your e-cig or braving a "free" flavoured one? Keep up the excellent work :D:D:D


Thanks for your comments, glad to be back, even if it has been for a week, so much has happened!!!

Yes very happy, using nicotine in them, to be honest, bought them about a year ago and never used them, have not even used a cartridge in a month, and asi am still on patches I still have nicotine:confused: if that makes sense....once I am off patches, want to b completely clear of nicotine, small steps!!


Hey Marta congrats on getting to month 2 :)


Brilliant, Marta...well done on moving up another storey towards the penthouse!:)




Yay Marta929!!!

Well done :) I get the feeling month 2 is going to fly by for us!! lol :D


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