Day 1 of the 1st and final time to quit smoking !

I have been smoking for around 5 years now and i really do feel its finally time to quit ! :D So far its been 23 hours, thats progress in itself right ?

I have never joined a 'help' forum before as my ego gets in the way.

However, i feel that in order to do this i need a 'buddy' thats possibly going through the exact same or just general tips for 1st time quitters. Thanks !

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  • Well done Sian, that is indeed progress:D the first day is always hard. You have plenty of buddies here though, so keep posting, reading and ask any questions you need to.



  • Welcome!! You will not just find one buddy here but numerous!!! :) it really is great!!

    Come along and join the November nope group too!!

    Good luck and look forward to seeing you in day 2!!

  • :Dwell done on quitting just remember to take each craving as it comes along and try and keep your hands and mind busy till it passes which it will do:)

    coming on here will def help you as everyone knows what your going through so you can get as much support and help that you need



  • The first few days will be a bit S****y but it does get better I promise, lots of sweeeties like jelly babies, they are fat free :eek: remember they are full of sugar though so you might put on a bit of weight but once you get to grips with your quit you can taper all the rubbish off and lose the bit of extra tub you might have put on.

    Now you have made the decision I am sure you will never regret it.

    Onwards and upwards and remember we have all been in the same place you are in now so we know how you are feeling, crap LOL

  • Carol and jamangie ... having reached to penthouse congrats but do you still Want to smoke or has that gone as well ?

  • Hi Barrie, I will be totally honest as I am sure you do not want me to lie to make you feel happy, for me and I mean for me I struggled really bad for the first 3 months and then it was not so bad, I still had the odd days where I would have loved to spark up but I didn’t, but once I hit 12 months it seemed to get better, I think because I had never made the 12 month mark before and honestly didn’t think I would so achieving that milestone made me feel great, the best time has honestly been since then and now I find it hard to believe I was ever a really committed smoker, but I was, I lived to smoke and within 3 mins of waking in the morning I smoked, it was I thought my life line and I truly believed I would not be able to live without it, but as you can see I have.

    40+ years and I quit, you really cannot get to grips with the concept of being an ex addict till you quit and feel happy about it, but you will I promise, I don’t want to sound arrogant or know it all because I am not, I just want you to know there are all the days ahead where you will not even think about smoking again.

    I wish that there was a magic wand to make it easier but there isn’t only the thought of living life with quality as well as quantity.

    What a load of waffle sorry x

  • well waffled Jam :)

    yep i still get the odd urge mainly though from watching someone smoke on the tv i dont when i see someone smoking in person as the smell really makes me feel sick

    its changing your mindset to smoking which is a big key and remembering your reasons to quit in the first place when i do get the urge i do think about why and realise that the nicorette demon is just trying a different tactic

    but the intensity of the urge does lessen you just have to watch yourself that the demon dont try and tempt you back in when you are upset or have been given up a while and gets you to think that one wont hurt :eek:

    some people can get away with having that one but will cough and most probably think wtf is that taste

    the scary thing is that the nicorette demon is always going to be lurking at some points in life but you just have to ignore it

    hope this helped :)

  • Come along and join the November nope group too!!

    Good luck and look forward to seeing you in day 2!!

    Where can i find this group ? :D

  • Where can i find this group ? :D

    Hi Sian

    Here is the link:

    If you scroll all the way done you will see it says join group, just click there and voila

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