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tomorrow will be day 1 of not smoking


To night at 9:32 Aug,5 2013 I stop smoking hope for good this time my 8 day on champix hope. This pills help me quit .........

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Go for it Andrew - good luck. :D

Good luck Andrew!! Remember to post on here often as the support is fantastic!!

Lots of Luck Andrew, you can do it! :D

thank for the surport

Find the first day hard at work lots smoke , in one way I feel like smoking in other part ofe say you don't need it any more

made it thoew day one

Day 1 done , feeling a little stressed / tierd lets hope day 2,goes just as good champix seams to be working for me day 8 on champix day 1,with not smoking

Welcome to day 2! These first few days are the worst so it will start to improve once you get through them.

Well done on Day 1! :)

Well done on making it to day 2. Take one day at a time and keep posting on this forum - it will help you.

Keep up the good work!

Champix really makes a difference... Within days you'll think about smoking less and less... Every minute that passes you're closer to not smoking..

I was where you are just over 5 months ago... I often watch others go out for a smoke and feel sorry for them... Feels amazing being smoke free...!

Keep at it!

made it thoew day 2,

Day 2,made it :-) feels good , not sur if its champix feeling tierd and cold and verey thirsty it champix or is that part of the withdrawal systems, beside for that day 2 was good

Thank for the advice Teflon , sins I stopped smokeing haven't felt like one for the last two days guss that champix working , got more will power want to save money to buy a house for me and my wife am glad I found this site every one gives good advice help so much to make it thow each step of quiting

Your doing so well! I too have found that I am drinking lots more since giving up at the beginning of the week! :)

made it thoew day 3

Day 10 of champix day 3 of not smoking feels good , only 1thing am not sur is ok bin feeling realy light headed all day , find it hard to think properly , when I working lifting stuff hart pounds hard to breath for a bit is all this normal ?

Hey, yes it is normal! you should find your head feels normal at day 5! i got really light headed and cant think for 4 days i find this the worst side effect personally. im starting my day 1 today at work so ill be right there with ya! ha ha ;)

day 4 done today is day 5

Each day get s easyer made it 4 days now with the help of campix,on to my day 5 feels good not smoking for 3 years I smoked about 25 cigs a day. Now 5 days smoke free feels good to say

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