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day 2 sonia quit smoking!

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hi im new to this forum


thought id join to hopefully see and talk to people who are going through the same thing as me.

i started smoking when i was about 14 and am now 24 ... so about 10 ish years.

im on zyban and i don't think it's really "working" although the cravings are not TOO bad.

actually the time now is 11:03pm ... ive just completed day 1 and am now on day two. im going to sleep soon so when i wake up ill be half way through day 2 :)

i really hope day 2 is easier than day one.

i almost relapsed and had one while i was waiting for my bus at the terminal.

i find that it's not easy. you just have to do something else when wanting one and it's so easy to find a distraction, but then while distracted, concentration is difficult because all you think about is I WANT A SMOKE

the main reasons for me giving it up is because my friends and family think i smell funny after having one...

it is already affecting my breathing...

and my mom best friend died 2005 from lung cancer, bowel, ovarian, and bone. smoking destroyed her.

im feeling cravings again :(

how long is it till you are smoke free and feeling better to NOT crave so much and feel the need for one :(

i hope it passes.

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I am sorry to hear about your Mom's friend! That's terrible and smoking does it to sooo many people.

493 Glad you have joined this forum so we can help you on your smoke free journey! You will do just fine and you should be very proud of yourself for choosing this quit! I am 26 (just turned) and I think the fact that we have chosen to quit earlier on in life rather than later is the greatest thing we could do! Keep yourself busy and fight through the urges by dancing, singing, walking, crafts, reading, coming on here, sleeping or calling a friend. Do anything that will keep you away from smoking! You can do it :D Day three can be a tough day, but with the support on here, you will be great. You will start to feel better after the first week - honest you will!! The first week seems to be the hardest, but we have trained our bodies to need the ciggies so now we have to train our bodies to function without them. It is a very hard demanding process. Cravings last only 3 minutes but seem like 3 days *sigh* don't allow those cravings to pull you into the demon. Together we CAN do it! Keep busy and don't give in to the urges ~ stay strong. 493

Keep posting!


hi thanks for support!

it's well into day 2 now not smoking and i haven't had one.

actually it was my mom that died not her best friend, i just meant that she was my mom/my best friend.

i haven't had too much problems not having a smoke today.

so after the first week you're all sure it gets easier lol?

id really like to have one :(

i went on a lot of smoking sites and they all say get rid of all smokes/lighters/ashtrays etc. i haven't done that. im sure im not supposed to post something like that here, but im keeping mine around incase I REALLY feel like i want one, yesterday i did, but didn't cave.

I am sorry I misunderstood! It is very sad to hear that you have lost your Mom :(

Caving in to the nic demon will only make you upset with yourself. You have made it this far and the nicotine is almost out of your system.

Welcome on board sonshine x x x x x

Oh I am sorry for your loss x x x x

This is your quit and it is separate x x

There are no uniform ways of quitting and even with the best of excuses behind you, does not mean you find it easy, it is Ok to struggle even if you know first hand the impact x x x x

This is your life! grats on Your quit x x

If you do not feel the zyban is working as good as you think it should, discus it with your doc x x

You can and will do this x x

You are putting More pressure than necessary, on yourself x x

Do it for you x x

~Buffy x x

sorry. im not quite sure what you mean about putting more pressure on myself than needed??

some people said that after day 3 everything is fine. is this true?

ive also heard that it doesn't get easier, you just deal with it... is that true?

id really like to be smoke free.

i haven't had one yet. it's almost day 3 for me.

Hehehehe talk? moi!!

I have only posted a handful of times!! Quiet one me :D

Being a non smoker rocks and I don't feel I miss smoking when I am not smoking!

I feel worse smoking and not wanting to!!

Does that make sense?!

Just cos I talk don't mean I makes any sense :D

It's easier to quit when you don't smoke!

~Buffy x x

Hello Sonshine

I'd just like to confirm that it DOES get easier.I have the willpower of a gnat and have tried to quit many many times in the past but cos I was impatient somewhat I n ever gave it more than a week . This time (which will be my final time) I have forced myself to give it a bit more time in an effort to see if time actually does heal. I can happily say YES"! I am now into my 19th day and feel so much better in myself - Yes I still get the odd urge to smoke but nothing like as often as it was in the first week. Hang in there sweetie - it is soooooooooooo worth it - honest! I smoked for 25yrs by the way.:eek:

Hi Sonshine, welcome and congrats on your quit! you're young, you will really enjoy the benefits of quitting :) Like others have said, it does get easier so stick to your decision and don't let anything happen make you change it.

I too have not gotten rid of ashtrays, lighters and such, but it's because we have friends who are smokers and I love to have them around at home and smoking even though I quit, besides hubby also smokes every once in a while, and I'm generally really not at all bothered by the sight of my old favorite lighter and all that stuff - but please you do get rid of them if the reason for you're keeping them is to have them handy in case you really need them...we all have gone through "really needing one", especially at the beginning but you see, the whole thing about quitting is precisely to resist those insane urges ;)

Smile, be strong, and we're all here to help in case you need it!

kazza ... i slipped today and had one on my fourth day, im still determinded tho.

is it now like i have fallen back to day 1 all over again? even tho i only had that one smoke/one slip up. and still trying and determined?

kazza ... i slipped today and had one on my fourth day, im still determinded tho.

is it now like i have fallen back to day 1 all over again? even tho i only had that one smoke/one slip up. and still trying and determined?

back to your question about everything being fine after day 3... in my many attempts that is BULL... actually I find the first 3 days easier because you expect the agony... it is later that you feel you deserve relief and that creeping feeling just wont go away that things get hard.....

just keep at it... I am trying hope I can make it... grew up with obstinate smoking parents who finally managed to quit after years of failure.

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