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Don't let the Ba*&¤¤#¤ get you down!


So this morning, I had to run for the train, and forgot to stamp my ticket in the machine before I got on.

Just my luck then that a train guard was checking tickets in the very carraige that I got into.

So for the first time ever, I got on a train without a ticket, and of course, got caught straight away.

And of course, it was the nazi type of conductor, who took great pleasure in writing me a 80 quid fine out and refused to accept any excuse, even though I had a valid ticket.

Normally (and the thought even crossed my mind this morning), this would be solved by buying a packet of fags while plotting how best to stab the git in the eye..

But now, the fitter, and still considerably bitter me decided. My weekly train ticket costs 25 quid.

Therefore, for the next 4 weeks I will either run or bike the 12 km to and from work, just so that the train company doesn't make ANY profit out of me!! and they will NOT MAKE ME SMOKE EITHER!!! (you might guess I'm still pretty seething at these bunch of swines at the moment!!) :)

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:mad: job worthy types are so annoying


on not giving into a normal habit of having a ciggy plus with your detemination im sure you will carry on with the good fight

These things are sent to test us Barney, stay strong my friend - your story makes me angry just reading it.

You didn't smoke and that is the main thing !!

Aarrgghh Barney I soooo hate these petty minded bureaucratic types so I am seething on your behalf:mad::mad: If I were you I would go with stabbing the git in the eye, or at least enjoy fantasizing about it:D And if you run/bike to work for the next 4 weeks you will recoup the cost of that damn fine, have 20 quid left over and be even fitter, so a win for you and a loss for the train company yahahahaha!!

So glad you didn't smoke, you can't smoke now cos it's your 2 month anniversary in 2 days time LOL!! AND you are a Successful September Stopper:D

So, like the title of your post, don't let the bar stewards get you down, come on here and have a good old rant instead!!



Cheers people!

My first evening of being petty was perfect, by riding the bike home (I normally take it on the train), so I saved my first 2.50!

I was shocked though how close I was to buying myself a pack of fags (even after all this time!!) just to think "screw it!" But that would be letting them win!!

Anyway.. My childish petulant streak took over tonight when I did the bank transfer for the fine. In "message to creditor" I wrote "F*& you DSB" (DSB is the Danish equivalent of what BR used to be - And I didn't use *$ letter either).. Haha.. I'm sure they get lots of them!

Hey Barney,

That feeling of not opting for the smokes and realising it is awesome eh?

I love the "I woulda smoked just now" moments...makes me feel sooo much better about my quit!


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