I've let myself & everyone else down

Hi Everyone

Well I would have been on day 32 today, I had been doing sooo well, but after a big row with my partner on friday night I sat and smoked 2 cigarettes one after the other. I feel so ashamed, I haven't been able to tell my family as they are constantly telling me how proud they are of me and i now feel i have let them all down. I just feel like a total failure!

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  • Keep Going Kaidy

    If I were at your stage of not smoking I wouldnt beat myself up over a couple of fags.....like Boudee says just learn from it......ever think how many fags u havnt smoked over the 32 days.....not much of a comparison eh.....but bet u felt dizzy after 1st one...lol.

    Anyway your doing great.......dont worry about family and letting them down. Your stopping smoking for yourself mainly and doing a great job! The benefits to the family...although great....are secondary and an added bonus.

    On day 10 myself and not ashamed to say I do get tempted and may at some time pick up a cig....but patches doing there job well, which together with my willpower and help from this site are keeping the nicotine monster at bay.

  • Thanks x

    Thank you Geordietrucker & Boudee for your replies, your words of encouragement have made me feel alot better and i know i shouldn't beat myself up, I think i'm just mad at myself as I was doing so well! I haven't had one since and am determined that I won't again, but one day at a time eh:o !

    And well done to you both, I have enjoyed reading your posts x

  • Thats the way to do it

    Good on you Kaidy....like Del says "You know it makes sense".......lets beat the fags and actually get rid of the nicotine monster off our shoulders!:D :D :D :D :

  • I haven't had one since and am determined that I won't again, but one day at a time eh

    Keep up the good work, one day at a time!

  • hi

    Hi the good thing is that you have seen it as a bad thing and that it seems to have made you more determined not to start smoking again dont worry about it and take one day at a time good luck :)

  • Hi

    Its past now gone just move forward You have done so well.

    Dont beat yourself up treat it as a blip.x

  • It used to be the case I felt a failure if I had one, done it a couple of months ago after 1st week of stopping previously doing this would have meant classing myself as a smoker and failure, this time I was a non smoker who had a blip, so as someone said already don't beat yourself up about it, just change the mentality, you are a non smoker who lapsed , but continued a non smoker:)

  • Wow! a post from 2007 :eek::eek: don't those members sound lovely tho? I wonder if any of them are still quit?

  • I hope so. :)

    I wonder if any of them still visit the forum??

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