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Let's be having you, you know you want to quit!!!! Don't you

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I know it's a little daunting the thought of quitting those leaves wrapped in paper (and may I say at a huge cost) not just financially but huge cost to health.

I never ever thought I could quit, my word, patch, gum, cigs all at the same time lol, but you can quit to, have the belief you can.

Loads of support.

Come join, we welcome you

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Hi Tracey x How you doing? Glad to see you on here still spreading the love :) Hope you are baring up. Take care xx

Doing ok thanks Hattie, moving at the weekend, dad's funeral Tuesday, but will be back soon fully operational, hoping all quits are intact .

Plus got huge infection in my mouth, got antibiotics, so hopefully on the mend

Tracey, that sounds horrendous :( Moving and losing your dad and illness on top of that. Please be kind to yourself. Have you got help to move? Every time I move I say I'm going to pay someone to do the whole lot for me next time - is that an option? Or is there any way you can postpone it? It just sounds way too much for one month never mind a week.

Don't be brave either accept all the help you can. Thinking of you xx

Aw thankyou yes cleaning dad's house, lots of upset with my three sisters, but it will settle, have been to hospital to day also to get a new false eye schell, another story, not best pleased.

But it's just life.

Thanks for your concern , my lovely

Ok – I think your just crafty Tracey, and you got me on this one! Been lurking for a while and finally decided that for once in my life hiding isn't going to help me. I really believe I am ready to quit this time for good, but I'm also smart enough (I think anyway) to know I can't do it alone. I need a support system from peeps like you and the others on this site to help make me be responsible. I feel I already know many of you (from my lurking:-)) and l feel I could fit it nicely if your willing to take in a Yank. Its mothers day tomorrow here in the US and I can't think of a better day to honor my Mom or myself for that fact, than to designate May 10, 2015 as the day I will quit smoking. Tonight I raise a glass of wine to all of you and your great achievements and will post again tomorrow night in Day 1 – Cheers

Absolutely brilliant of you to join us!! And a very warm welcome, pull up a chair because I am sure many words of wisdom will be coming your way :) It is wonderful news indeed that you have decided to quit and I'm sure no one will hold being a yank against you ha ha :) xx

Wierdly enough I found day one quite easy (many others didn't I know). I just took it moment by moment and thought things like 'I won't smoke just for the next 10 mins' Or 'I won't smoke while I drink this tea.. and then I'll see'. I carried on like that for a couple of weeks.

There is lots of different advice on here about how to quit,as I'm sure you know from your lurking, but as you say one of the most powerful things to do is connect with others on here who get it and are rooting for you.

Congrats on your decision, Que. Good luck with day one. You can do it!!!!

Thanks Hattie, its just so kinda weird your just getting up and I'm just thinking about going to bed!! Thank you for responding to my post, it makes me feel more empowered than I thought it would. Congrats on your 7 weeks + and to your home now smelling like a beautiful flower stand instead of stale old smoke:-)

Why thank you :) Tis weird indeed. I'm lying in bed drinking tea and considering getting up to take my son to football - you can't rush into a day!!

Very warm welcome que you have made the right decision to quit and join us on this forum. You will get lots of support here. Are you going cold turkey?

Thanks Spanish, I must say your name alone is quite inspiring, can't quite explain that:-)) ... but anyway yes going ct – I've had enough nicotine to last several life times, and its time to move on . In fact just chucked the rest of my pack in to the wood burning stove and heading to bed – we will see what tomorrow brings hopefully someone will hear my prayers and actually believe in me. Enjoy your first bbq of the season, that's always a big one – stay strong and just believe in yourself and it will be a great day.

Que, your prayers have been heard, we believe in you already!!

Night night :)

Hello, with a lovely welcome from me, it's all go this week, but wish you a smoke free week,

It's just little by little ,

Great to have you with us

Catch up soon

Welcome Que, all the best for today, we've all had a day 1 and it sucked! But we are all here, still breathing, and the truth is, day 1 is easier than a major illness diagnosis. Sometimes it helps to break the quit down to an hour at a time. Thinking of you :) x

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