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No Smoking Day
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Don't let them put you off.

Hi all,

I have quit nearly two years now and its the best move I ever did.

I probably would not have succeeded without the support of active members of this site.What did scare me when I first started my quit was the amount of long term quitters who would say they would kill for a smoke months down the line,I used to find it disheartening when they said things like that,

Can I just try and reassure you that these people don't crave a cig.

What they have done is actually forgot what a craving is actually like.

All they are doing is having a brief flashback to something that they enjoyed in the past.

For a non smoker it could be the same thing as remembering the taste of a chocolate bar they had not tasted in a long time.

Hang on in there and believe me its going to be well worth it.

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Thanks phil I'm sure this will help a lot of new quitters

I found it off putting as well reading stuff like that and wish the older quitters wouldn't do that as it's of no help at all


Phil, thanks for that. It really helps to know there are people like you who are now non smokers rather than ex smokers. Hopefully I am on my way there too.



Can I say a massive thank you for posting this. I have on day 29 of my quit and my head is in the place at the moment thinking is it all worth it. That kind of happy and proud feeling has gone.

I think the fact that I'm piling on the pounds despite the fact I'm watching what I'm eating isn't helping!

Anyway, yesterday I was reading posts on here basically saying that the craving for fags don't go an I think that was from someone who had quit for 2 years. This got me thinking "am I going to be this miserable forever just because I'm not smoking?" and "shall I just give in and accept I'm a smoker?"

Then coming on here this morning & reading your post has spurred me on to suceed even more. I also read the post from Stuart H where he had quoted what soemone else had said about it all being in the mind. This helped too.

Whilst I've got excellent support within the social group Ocotoquits, I think that I and many others look up to long term quitters and really hang on their ever words? Reading your post has STOPPED me from going and buying a packet so THANK YOU!

Thank you

Tinks xx


philfromwales - thank you so much from me too, this is a most heartening post from you and will help lots of people, it certainly has helped me. Yes, it will get better and look at all the things we have gained, never mind about that "kick" we used to get - we dont need it, we dont want it, bring on all the benefits to our health instead. Replace the negative with the positive, onwards and upwards, thank you so much! xx More posts like yours would help newbies tremendously. :)


Thanks Phil

I do sometimes wonder if it will ever get better than this especially when I hear people who have been stopped for years still talking about craves...

Good to have a realsitic view...




I couldn't agree with Phil more. I quit 20 months ago and have never looked back. It is the best thing I have ever done.

Anyone can beat the fags believe me!

Keep strong guys.



Thanks Phil from me as well as all the newbies, well said.

I fleetingly think about cigarettes when I see someone smoking but I can honestly say I never have a crave, never feel the need to smoke.

Keep it up all of you, look forward to health, happiness and more money.




Thanks Phil, it is good to know that a few years down the line, you're still not craving for a fag! Like everyone else I've read that you still crave one even 10 years down the line...and it is very depressing. My dad even tells me he still craves one...5 years after he quit. Albeit, rarely. I think you are right that people forget what craves are like and class the very thought of "I could do with a fag" as a crave. Very uplifting post. Thanks Lisa.



Would like to just add what others have said, thanks a lot for those posts it is good to read positive thoughts for those of us who are still in he early stages and are suffering.

Thank you for positive thoughts



Just wanted to bump this for new members. I open the website through this post as it is full of hope and encouragement.



heaven is smoke free

Hi Its so nice to have non smokers come on and give us a bit of support its not easy being green ( sorry dont know where that came from )

I am only on six weeks (yea six weeks and still quit amazing ) and the craves are getting weaker but like has already been said sometimes like after a meal I think oh I,l have a cig then I pat myself on the back and remind myself I am a no smoker now who can walk down the hill to the shops and actually get back up the hill not gasping Thanks again


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