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Wooo Im here

Today is the beginning of week 4 for me. When I complete this week I will have equaled the longest time I have quit before.

I say when, not if, because I will do this. No doubt about it.

Well Im here until midnight on the 6th Novemeber as thats my one calender month and then I move into month 2 and that is where I will be on the 7th.

Thanks to everyone for all the support to get me this far.

Lillie xx

Hmmmm think Im going to pop out later and buy some boiled sweeties, just realised Ive popped a lozenge and did it because I wanted to put something in my mouth not because I needed it:mad:

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Hi Lillie and well done on getting into Month 1, see you soon in Month 2, I will still be there when you get there:D

Like you this is the longest I have ever quit, my previous best was a week donkey's years ago:o But the important thing is we are doing it now and we can too.

Instead of the sweets try frozen grapes, they are great for something to pop in your mouth and less calories too.

Course, having said that I am full of spaghetti, burp, oops scuse me:o

Have a great day Lillie:D


Zoe xxxx


Well done Lillie, that's fantastic, doesn't seem like 5 minutes since you started (to me anyhow!) :)

I find sugar-free mints work well, and better for your teeth than boiled sweets (although I can't say anything really as 50% of the things I eat seem to be sweet :o)

Jen x


hey well doneLillie i cant be far behind you. well im not behind at all im next to you. we are doing very well indeed im happy to say. have no intention of going back no matter what. im still using patches and will keep on them till iv completed the course, no point taking any unneccessary risks..over and out



I know what you mean about putting something in your mouth - so far this afternoon i've nommed:

3 doughnuts

Pack of Fig Rolls

Pack of Polos

2 x Cup of Tea


Emergency supplies left at work

1 doughnut

Pack of Choccy Malted Milks (unopened)

Pack of Garibaldi (unopened)


In fairness, I did have weightwatchers bread sandwiches (ran out of normal bread!!):rolleyes:

Going to look at food intake in Month 2 (5 days time!!)


Im going to get on the slimming world plan on Monday, at least on that I can stuff my face with free food, curb my cravings and lose weight.

Well thats the plan anyway ha ha ha!:cool:


Morning Lillie

I'm really pleased you've got to Month seem to get stronger all the time. Keeps me going!

mmm, sweets...chocolate limes are good!

Have a lovely day



Congratulations Lillie

4 weeks is a fantastic achievement. You sound very strong, positive and determined. :D



Well done Lillie

I'm a few days in front of you so i'll make sure 'month 2' room is tidy and sweet smelling (assuming these parps subside!!!)

See you there soon.


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