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im sat here watching loose women


Well day time tv im feeling a bit better just had my dinner and sat here watching tv chilling out in front of my open fire

Day of today so im not doing much other than sat on here.

I have realised that its not really the nicotine that you miss is it? but just the habbit and being able to change the way you do things .

It is a strange feeling like something is missing i have just had my dinner and sat here thinking ummmm i could just do with a fag but then this litle voice comes into my head and says no you dont its only a habbit xx:confused:

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You keep telling yourself no Kay - you have done really, really well - you are on Day 9 already.

I know what you mean about the habit thing I have struggled with that particulalry on day 5/6 but I'm now in to week 2 yipee. I still have dinner then think of having a ciggie but I've started having a glass of water and it does seem to help. I deal with my cravings by drinking herbal tea oh and eating banoffee pie (which I really must stop eating!)

You are doing really well, I'm really proud of you.

Why don't you come and oin us OcotQuits in the social groups?


Tink xx

It's the habit that's hard to kick, seriously take up knitting (I can only do squares!!) it gives you something to do with your hands in the early days.

Hi would love to join OcotQuits in the social groups? how do i do that please?


We're waiting for you.

Go to>Quick Links>Social Groups> and you'll find us in Qctoquits. Place isn't the same without you. Get over there asap..


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