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Advice on NOT smoking whilst drinking


Hi everyone -am new on here (although have posted a couple times!). Have managed to hit the 4 week mark with no ciggies so that I believe puts me into the 2nd month (or not - but close enough).

I'm doing okay - still getting the odd cravings but they are just part of my daily life now and can be ignored. And I can happily look at people smoking and not feel any urge (apart from the urge to be smug:)) Although I don't class myself as a non-smoker yet - I seem to be getting there (which I never thought I would) - keeping fingers crossed.

However - alcohol!!! I haven't drunk that much over the last 4 weeks deliberatly to give myself a chance to get used to not smoking. However -I'm going on a hen-day/night on Saturday and I know I will be drinking a fair amount....and I remember only too well how I much I could smoke when drinking and I am terrified!

I know that alcohol lowers Dopamine whilst Nicotene increases is which is what leads to the cravings whilst drinking - is there any natural stuff out there I can take to keep the Dopamine at a balance in the hope of keeping off the cigarettes. I know that bananas increase dopamine levels - but I don't think the restaurant would like me sitting eating bananas all night.

Any and all advice really needed - I so don't want to smoke again, and this is going be really tough.

It's been great reading all the posts on this forum - has really helped! Thanks everyone!

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Hi Fellie,

It certainly is a difficult one and sounds as if you have done the right thing so far by not putting yourself in situations where you might smoke - for me drinking was my weak spot and I failed many times before because of this.

The thing is we cannot become a recluse and have no social life just because of cigarettes, this means we are allowing nicotine to control us and not the other way around.

My advice is try and drink a little less than usual - I mean don’t get completely hammered if you can help it (I know easier said than done) also you must have friends who do not smoke and have never smoked, perhaps try to hang around with these guys when your other friends are freezing their butts off smoking.

Finally think about the reasons you quit in the first place, remember cravings only last a few minutes and what really worked for is thinking how bad and upset I would feel the next day. You would feel awful if you wasted these 4 weeks for nothing.

Keep strong & Good luck, I hope this helps.


Hi Fellie - this might not be what you want to hear!

I think that Mark is right - it would be wise not to get drunk in order to protect your quit at this relatively early stage. There are several of us on here who have previously fallen at a later stage through a night of drinking!

The other point I would make is that you don't know how a lot of alcohol will react with the Champix. There have been a few disturbing reports about strange reactions. I am off Champix now, but I must admit I never put anything more than very moderate drinking to the test while I was taking it.

Good luck, anyway, and I hope it goes well.

Yes - have to admit you are both right!

It's logical really isn't - if alchohol increases the craving, then just don't drink so much - simples! :rolleyes:

And thanks Mrs T on pointing out the affects that alchohol might have with the Champix. So far Champix is alright for me apart from some very interesting dreams - so don't want to push that.

And I can look forward to waking up on Sunday feeling smug on two accounts - no hangover and didn't smoke. If that isn't worth it then don't know what is!

Thanks for the reality check! :D

Fellie, I was petrified of my first night out after about 2 weeks too. But the high you will get from waking up in the morning and knowing you survived it without fags is WELL worth the hangover!! :)

Hang in there!



Ditto to both Mark and MrsT

Consider Saturday as another obsticle you need to overcome on your road to becoming a non smoker.

Dont set yourself up for failure by loosing focus, self control etc by drinking to much.

One night's pleasure is NOT worth it, Moderation and Baby Steps!

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