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I feel like having a bit of a moan

So, Ive been going to the help2quit nurse for 3 weeks now. Its the same nurse all the time and she still says hi, are you Lilian. 3 weeks Ive been seeing her, its nice to know that my quit is important! The *consultation* goes a bit like this.... So how have you done this week? Me..I havent smoked. Her..Oh thats good, now just take a deep breath and when the machine beeps blow in. I duly follow the instructions. Her...Yes thats good..I expect you need a prescription this week. Me...Yes please. Her..there you go then, this is your appt for next week. Bye...

If it wasnt for this forum and the people who share their expereinces I KNOW that I wouldnt be here now, so thank you for doing the work of an NHS quit councellor for no pay.

Anyway day 2 of no patches, not as bad as I thought. Im limiting the lozenges to one every 4 hours and will keep extending that until I dont want them anymore.

JUst needed that moan so sorry if Ive disheartened anyone.

LIllie x

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Lillie.. my nurse is just the same. Sure she means well, but she has no idea....

I told her about this forum, wasn't the slightest bit interested.

They are so focussed on NRT or Champix that I think they are doing their "clients" a disservice.

There is so much information out there which could help people, but maybe because its "free" they have no motivation to pass it on.

Sorry...a bit cynical!

Glad things are going well for you



Its definately not cynical Lizzie. I told my nurse about this forum and all of the advice and support if offered, she actually seemed quite put out. She would say things like that leaflet would tell you the same she wasnt interested that I was getting advice from real life people who had already been through this. I think youre right, there is no money to be made in this forum and there is in the pharmaceutical arena.

Anyway I feel better for my moan lol.

Lillie xx


There's nothing wrong with a good moan and sometimes think we

have earned the right to.. You know yourself how well youv'e done

and need to keep reminding yourself of this.

need to remember for the nurse its just a job where as for all us its our life!!! and there is nothing better then seeing someone succeed:)

feel this forum has given me so much support it should be more publisized


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