No Smoking Day
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Oh my god! Pleeeeease can i have a moan

Another bad mood today, well maybe not that, just my boss is really getting on my nerves much much MUCH more then he ever used to!

He's always fecking blaming me or others for things of his own doing, I have a pc in front of me that is 8, yes 8, years old and is so old it wont have IE 7 on it! So of course it's my fault when the stupid PC wont pick up things on the net or do things that the "newer" pc's do! It's not that fact that he wont get off his arse and accept an offer from a friend of mine to look at upgrading the systems! He doesnt like him, too common!

Likes to think it's funny to talk down to and pick fights with ppl, likes to think he knows it all and is better educated etc

I dunno why i work for the moron!

Actually i do - Was unemployed for 1 and half and this is first job since, pays well and i have responsibilities :(

Feel better after getting that off my chest tho :)

Sorry to moan guys xxx

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What do you do as a job??!!

Don't worry about moaning .Feel free. Your boss sounds like a right obnoxious git.

Bet he smokes!!!!:rolleyes:


Louise... Bosses are EVIL that is my opinion. I have been unable to be even a little nice to my moron of a boss. He came in above me and knows NOTHING about CRAP and basically spends all day making himself look busy and shirking responsibility. He cant make any decision without me but then second guesses everything I do ARGH.... I will second your moan with a SCREAM:eek:


Kazza- I'm a secretary/pa - personal slave in other words, the only way to describe him is Pompus Tw@t lol

Kenzo - It's nice to have someone to scream with :D


this is the first time i broke into a smile today ( ready your posts)

i am growling at everyone in sight:mad:

try working for the NHS they are also pompas tw@ts.

will a cig make us feel any better = YES

will it do us any good = NO.

lets all scream together ,after the count of three


wow that feels better


will a cig make us feel any better = YES

Don't think it would :D would make you feel sick and dizzy :rolleyes:

:D hehehehe

Nowt like a primal scream x x x

Oh Karen took the words right outta my mouth! Bet the obnoxious git smokes :D hehe

*hugs* louise x x

~Buffy x x


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